Do you know why mi phones are cheaper or have you ever wondered about how can xiaomi be so cheap? First of all, let’s have a short instance of Xiaomi. Xiaomi is a Chinese brand and when it was launched in India with MI3, the people who purchased it initially were sometimes encountered a scenario of great laughter. They were sometimes get teased by the friends, that you have purchased a Chinese phone. But now it has swiped all the myths of people and in just five years it has developed its stand, reputation. Now it is competing with the great mobile giants like Apple, Samsung etc. Let’s check out the reasons why Xiaomi smartphones are so cheap and how it made its stand.

Reasons Why Xiaomi Phones Are So Cheap

Direct Online Sale with No Monetary Advertisements

Xiaomi does not spend its money on the advertisements, therefore in this way it saves money. It does cost cutting in the advertisements and that’s why it saves money and just it relies on the social media network and the mouth to mouth publicity, and it’s quite effective also and works well. As the brand does not approach the retailers and the shopkeepers but focuses on the selling through the online platform like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. But there are some stores such as the mobile store and Airtel store. It operates online and does not involve the retailer’s margin in between. Hence, they sell the phone at cheap prices.

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Flash Sales

In the flash sales policy, the company just produces the limited number of sets, say about 40 thousand or 50 thousand and sells it immediately offering flash sales. This helps to avoid the maintenance cost of inventory the storage issue, thus earning a good profit and without undergoing the phase of loss. Many times its fans criticize this policy as it is not able to fulfill the demands of its followers due to the limited stock.

Expansion Out of the Local Boundaries

Xiaomi is not just selling its smartphones to a small customer base but expanding its wings to other countries as well as that of China, Brazil, Southeast Asia, India, and Mexico etc. The company has not limited itself by just producing limited sets and making the few customers, rather it is doing well by expanding its wings slowly and imprinting its impression in all the countries it is operational.

Offers Low Prices

From its other competitors or brands which are producing some sort of product, on the same price but what, if all of them sell their respective products at the same price. There would be a lot of competition and the company could go in loss. So, what does this mi company do is, for example; if the cost of a product comes to be Rs 100 for a company and similarly to the other companies, and if all are selling their product at the same price say Rs 180, then it would be no profit and will create a huge competition. Therefore, if it is selling its product for Rs 110, obviously it will generate huge profit and more fans. Hence, this is what the company does and calls for sale.

Its Partnership

It’s an unknown fact to many that this company has its partnership with a well-known brand Qualcomm. It is a renowned brand and you would be surprised to know that Qualcomm is its founder partner. Qualcomm is basically famous for providing the mobile company with the mobile processor. Mi being the partner gets its mobile processor at cheap prices. Therefore its cost is less.

Better Reliability

We often get to hear people complaining about China products and if we talk about the hardware of the China phones, they are quite disgusting and most of them are not reliable. Where on the other hand, the hardware mi phones render is good and the service centers of mi which are been rapidly increasing are quite appreciable.

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No Warranty Void on Rooting

This is the unique feature of Mi phones that even though you root your mobile, you won’t lose the warranty like other smartphones. This strategy of no warranty void has now been followed by an Indian Smartphone maker YU Televentures.

No Bloatware

It has been seen that most of the apps come with some of the apps preinstalled that are sometimes felt unnecessary and consumes much space. It is also nonremovable. But Xiaomi is one which comes with very few apps that are removable and you can easily avail the extra space. The space that preinstalled apps takes is what known as bloatware. As Xiaomi contains only essential apps, therefore, it has made an edge over other phones.

From the reasons above you must have got to know how Xiaomi phones are so cheap and have become very popular.

Wrapping Up…

From the article, we at Ottilie and Lulu conclude that Xiaomi phones have great specifications and are also very affordable. The performance of mi is very great. As compared to the hardware of the other phones, mi renders super hardware quality. The functions and its unique features like that of the no warranty void have attracted the customers towards it and in very less time, the phone has gained its reputation and the stand and even became the most popular phone of the time. Now you must be clear about the fact that why Xiaomi is so cheap.