Nobody is perfect to know everything they ought to. We all have some unanswered questions that are needed to be answered. But the biggest problem is the unavailability of the first-hand answer to such questions and that is all what is Quora website is about. But it’s not the only facility quora has. Quora has more than that allowing the user to answer any of such question they are experts in. it is a social platform to share the information in the form of blog.

So if you are Fed up of using another regular website on a laptop like Facebook, Twitter, ins. etc and wanted to surf something new and interesting on the internet.  Then you should try Quora next time you browse the internet. Wondering what is quora all about and what makes Quora different from other question answer website you were using till now like, yahoo answer, etc.

[toc] Particularly Quora is a fast-growing eminent question and answer website which was founded by an ex-Facebook staffer. It is a simple and user-friendly, question and answers website. That lets you ask whatever you have mind as a question by just dropping it in the search option. If Quora have the answer feed in it already then, you will get it instantly otherwise quora users will get together to give the answer to your question, unmediated which will be according to the information they have. These benefits of quora will make you think twice is Quora worth it? And is quora free to use? So to answer all such questions related to quora like is quora safe or how Quora work. We are here in our article will highlight all of them together.

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So to make it simple what is Quora? And what is Quora blog? Quora is an online website that is targeting to provide the best possible answers to the user query from the people are experienced and expertise in by providing them an independent platform to share the knowledge and information online. It is a bona fide, Q&A website that has its ears and eyes always turned on to everything happening around related to technology, science economy etc.

How to Use Quora?

Signing up to Quora is just a few finger exercises and is the initial step to start with the quora services. There are various approaches you can use to sign up i.e. with Google sign in, email address or Facebook open id. Unlike another social website we were using till now, we need to follow people quora stress on following topics and content title. Still assuming how Quora work to assist its users.

Once you have signed in you can analyze on how does Quora work? Your experience on Quora actually depends on the feed you choose. Feed is generally designed by you that include the people, topic, and question you are interested to follow. It gets generated depending upon your recent activity.

Once you are done with building your activity feed. You are free to browse answers to your questions and ask whatever you find is not available on Quora. Quora meanwhile also allows you to answer those questions you find you have informed about and encourage you to upvote any answer you feel useful which can, on the other hand, help the site to rate a best possible answer.

Is Quora Worth It?

As an individual or a business person we often face a question that is needed to be answered and Quora is here to help you with it. This facility makes you question the fact that is Quora worth for your business. Today Quora has become a great hangout platform for social blogger and are ready to give an advantage to business with its services. Quora can help business owners to generate opinions by reading the answer that is posted previously or by placing your question on the Quora website. Meanwhile, it also allows business leaders and professional to exhibit their knowledge on the concerned topic. This benefit of quora helps small and young professional to build their presence in the social and global world. Keen to know is quora free for you. Then the news will fascinate you that quora app is completely free.

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Is Quora safe to Use?

Is this question popping your mind that is quora safe site? Like we have with any other site like Facebook, twitter etc. people can troll or send a stupid comment, can disagree with your statement and A question might encourage you to dive in for getting a lot of information. If you are thin skinned and aren’t prone to that comment, I would say Quora is unsafe for you. But if you are habitual to such sociopath then you will find it safe for sure.

Still wondering is quora safe for you? For this, you need to note down the basic and simple rule for internet i.e. to be cautious and aware while you share your information on the internet or with anybody. Play safe and grow a thicker skin as there are chances your opinion gets challenge and feeling get hurt.

More on Quora you have often seen someone on internet asking is quora down. But it is not an issue as it may be because of DNS failure or network issues.


Many of you will be interested to know is quora offline? For them, we have good news. Although you can’t use it offline you can take answers page to offline mode.  Another most important and significant feature of quora is Quora blog. Wanted to know what is Quora blog? It is one of the best services of quora that let you create a blog on Quora. Quora blog provide particularly different space to all of the bloggers that will help you to make your own online presence in social space.

We now assume that our blog targeting on what is quora has somehow highlighted the basic definition of quora and how Quora works to provide user-oriented result. But it should be noted that for quora mere quantity is not quality. Whereas Quality is foremost important when opinion and views are acknowledgeable and sometimes can create controversy. Opinion and blogs on the platform often gets trolled making it shitty. At such time Quora except people to be humble and sensible while sharing any opinion with people. Although there is a long walk ahead for quora as it is still expanding to become the best.