About Ottilie and Lulu


Tween Girls:  Ottilie & Lulu

Ottilie and Lulu are neighbors, and they're friends.  Lulu just moved in to the neighborhood with her family last year (Ottilie was born here!), and it took them a little while to get to know each other, but, now that they have, they get on really well together.

Sometimes it's the stuff you have in common that makes you friends.  Sometimes it's the things that make you different.  And sometimes it's both, right?

So ... what makes them different?  We'll start with that 'cos that takes longer ...!

Who is Ottilie?

Ottilie's favorite place to sit is at her mom's dressing table, watching her get ready.  It always has been.  She loves everything girly especially the lotions and potions in her mom's bathroom - the way they smell and feel on her skin.  (And sometimes, she likes to try on her mom's high heels, too!)  Every September she makes friendship bracelets for everyone in her class.  Her valentines are works of art. She loves flowers, sundresses, and pink.  Pink flowers on a sundress ... that's  her idea of heaven.

Who is Lulu?

Lulu is a jeans and t-shirt kind of a gal.  If you can hear Lulu, but can't see her, she's probably up the nearest tree. She's perfected the two minute shower, and she only wears a dress on Thanksgiving, and then only because mom makes her, and she'll change out of it the minute she can.  And she'll take a shower, but see above about mom insisting, if you know what I mean... Life's too short to wear dresses and take long showers or baths, when you could be outside, climbing trees, collecting bugs in jelly jars, and perfecting tricks on your skateboard.

And these two are friends ...?!

Lulu just moved in next door to Ottilie, and despite the differences between them, they've become great friends.  Ottilie doesn't climb the trees - she sits under them - but Lulu can hear her from where she's sitting!

That's how she met Ottilie, actually.  Ottilie had baked welcome cookies -  that's exactly the kind of thing she would do.  And Ottilie's a great cook, by the way.  These were sugar cookies, in cool shapes, with pink and green frosting.  She'd been bringing them, over, Lulu'd been working on a tricky new skateboard  manouvre ... she hadn't been looking ... the rest, as they say, is history.  Wearing cookies probably wasn't quite as much fun as eating them would have been, but, by the time the shock of finding themselves sitting on the grass with pink and green frosting in their hair wore off, the two of them were laughing, and five minutes later they were friends.

Here's what they have in common...Neighborhood, school, naughty little brothers, fantastic moms.  Long hair, and pets.  A secret habit of pretending to be rock stars.  Every day they try to be the best Ottilie and Lulu that they can be.  Whatever they're doing, and whoever they're with.  Because they know there's no point to a day when you're not.  Talking.   These two can talk about anything, and they agree on more than you think (although Ottilie doesn't share Lulu's fascination with bugs, and Lulu could care less whether her socks are a pair ...)

They talk all the time.  Lulu can be up a tree, and Ottilie on the grass beneath but you just know they'll still be talking.  Lately, they've been talking about taking care of themselves.  In this Ottilie is the teacher, and Lulu is the pupil.  (Which is completely different from when they're talking about ant farms ...)  And this ... they both know that you're never too young to take care of yourself.

Ottilie taught this to Lulu.  Her mother taught it to her.  Every day, when she was little, and her mom washed her face in the bath, she used to say - 'this is the only face you're ever going to have, so let's take care of it, shall we?' and it just kind of stuck.  It took a bit longer to convince Lulu, but she got there eventually…

So when you see these two walking down the street, they might not seem like the most obvious best friends ever.  Ottilie, skirt swinging.  Lulu, just swinging her arms.  But look a little closer, and listen a little more, and you'll see …

About Us :

My daughter is now a tween.  While tween culture has entered our household, we continue to have wonderful, sweet moments.

I encourage her to be independent, but I also know how very important it is for her to establish her daily hygiene regime:  washing her own face, combing her own hair, showering regularly, moisturizing her skin after bathing, and protecting her face from the sun.  I want her to use safe, effective products that will help her with the skin and hair changes of her tween years.  I don't want her to be part of the statistic that says 80% of the damage to your skin is done before you are 17.   I know that if she enjoys the products and they are easy to use, she will use them regularly. Woman

Ottilie and Lulu offers a range of easy-to-use products specially formulated for girls 7-14.  Each of these formulas contains anti-oxidants to protect a young girl's skin from environmental stresses, vitamins to nourish, and enriching botanicals to sooth.

As mothers, you want safe, gentle ingredients in your daughters' products.  Tween "beauty" should be about cleansing and protecting one's face, hair and body, not applying irritating glitter, or wearing heavy perfume or strident colours. Clean, healthy, and happy, those are the communication messages our girls should be getting.  They don't need to be bombarded with beauty standards and imagery that are inappropriate for girls 7-14.

As people who were girls once, you appreciate that they want something just for themselves.  Who among us does not remember our first fragrant soap bar (was it lavender?) or a refreshing splash(was yours a big yellow bottle?).  Give Ottilie & Lulu as tween gifts to your daughter and her friends and create some new memories!

As women, you know it is never too early to care for your skin.  The habits our tween girls develop now will stay with them throughout life.  Using Ottilie & Lulu will help them reap the benefits of good tween hygiene when they are our age.

Ottilie & Lulu is the new tween brand, and I have created it just for our girls. And you can't borrow it ... even though you might want to!

Deborah Hernan