Sunscreen Tips

You already know about the beauty consequences of not wearing a sunscreen. But you can't stand those sticky, gooey sunscreens that leave your face feeling greasy and smelling funny. What to do?


Use Ottilie & Lulu Everyday Facial Moisturizer & Sunscreen SPF 20. Our everyday sunscreen for tweens is a non-sticky, quick drying, smooth feeling, fresh-smelling formula leaves your face looking beautiful, soft—and without that oily feel or white ghostly residue. 


O&L Moisturizer and Sunscreen is a mineral-based formula made with zinc oxide, a proven effective sun block. And unlike chemical-based formulas that can make your face feel itchy or irritate your skin, O&L Moisturizer & Sunscreen is great for sensitive skin-even for girls with eczema. Oh, and when you go swimming, our mineral based formula won't irritate your eyes the way other sunscreens do.


Our broad spectrum sunscreen protects against the UVA (cancer-causing rays) and UVB (sunburn) rays of the sun to keep your face looking beautiful today and for years to come. This water-resistant formula also contains powerful anti- inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties such as green tea, algae and Vitamin E to guard against free radical damage.


Avoid those long-lasting beauty consequences. Use Ottilie & Lulu Everyday Moisturizer & Sunscreen SPF 20.


This oil-free, PABA free formula is formulated without parabens, phthalates, or sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS). No nuts.


Sun Safety Tips for Tweens:


  • Apply your sunscreen at least twenty minutes before going outside, re-apply every two hours and/or when you come out of the water.
  • Apply about a teaspoon full amount when you are going to be outside.
  • Remember to cleanse your face every night before bedtime.


And don't forget about your lips! Our Broad-Spectrum SPF 15 lip balm is an easy way to keep lips soft year round. And girls love its vanilla scent and flavor


Everyday Sunscreen for Tweens

Say goodbye to sticky facial sunscreen! This special, sticky-free formula dries immediately and leaves your face feeling silky smooth with a clean, fresh scent. So go ahead, protect your face …

Size: (2.5 fl oz / 75 ml)

Price: $18.50

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Ottilie & Lulu 3-pack Sunscreen (SPF 20) Lip Balm

Now girls have a berry-flavored sunscreen just for their lips!

Size: (0.5 oz)

Price: $18.50

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