Beautiful skin starts with clean skin. This is the only face you will ever have, so it’s never too early to start taking care of it.

PTPA Award Winner (Parent Tested Parent Approved)

Price: $10.00

Size: 30 Wipes


Moms: ottilie and lulu Clean Skin Face wipes are specially formulated for tween skin (no salicylic acid) and are the ideal way to help her keep her beautiful, clear skin. The very light scent of rosewater will leave her feeling refreshed.

Good Tween Habits: Everyday, twice-a-day, both in the morning after you brush your teeth and at bedtime after you brush your teeth, gently wipe your skin with a face wipe.  Freshen your face with a Clean Skin Face Wipe anytime during your day–after sports or any exercise.

Lift the plastic lid and fold back the seal. Remove 1 wipe, re-seal the package and close the lid. Open the 100% cotton towelette and gently wipe your face in an upward motion being sure to wipe the oily areas around your nose, your forehead, and your hair line.

Promise yourself to cleanse your face at least twice a day.