We are prone to use the number of job sites for searching for the job and sometimes posting the jobs on these sites. Particularly talking about the indeed; it was news some days back, is indeed safe, is it safe to apply for jobs on indeed? There were many questions raised during that period as is indeed a safe website, is indeed a scam and lot more. First, let’s discuss indeed for the people who don’t know about what is indeed and is all about. Indeed is basically an employment-related search engine. It’s an American company with many subsidiary offices worldwide.

It brings you the aggregated job listings from many other websites. Do indeed work? Yes, you can post your resume on this website and apply for the various jobs; you also get many opportunities as your resume has been uploaded to the site. Being such a useful website also carries now with it the fear of getting the private information getting leaked.

This factor has made the fear come in the minds of people, is indeed safe to use or not. Earlier people did not notice or wondered on how reliable is indeed? Not only this, people even think now that is indeed a safe site and is indeed reliable to use further.

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Now be careful while uploading your resume in indeed and keep the below-mentioned points in mind while uploading your resume in indeed.

  • Try not to include any information that is sensitive.
  • Do not include your home street address.
  • Only mention your city name and postal code instead of address so that the employer could get to know whether you are nearby or far.
  • If you do not want that recruiters should call you all the time, then you can skip your contact number.
  • Try to avoid any sort of reference in your resume while posting on indeed.

Resume Aspect of the Indeed You Must Know

When you are up to upload a resume in the indeed, you could see at the side of the page the resume settings. In the resume privacy settings, there are two options available; public and private. Now it depends on you, whether you want your resume to be public so that anybody or any recruiter can go through it or you can go for the private setting, in which no one can see your resume and if you are applying for any job particularly; that time you can attach your resume. Hence, you need to be careful and thoughtful about, do you want your resume to be public or you want to keep it private and use it only when desired.

The news that was spread like, does indeed sell your information or is indeed.com safe has now answer to the question; which is if you have not done with the proper settings then you cannot blame the company that it has revealed your information. It could be done by anybody.

Features of indeed.com

  • It functions like the search engine as of Google.
  • It facilitates for the free posting of jobs.
  • It does the work of aggregating the job listings.
  • Provide for the email job alerts.
  • It is quite facile to navigate and has enormous traffic.
  • It facilitates for the Talent pool from around the Globe.

From the features mentioned above, it is really a matter of wonder that a job search engine cannot be so flexible that anyone can do anything with it easily. It’s no doubt that it’s an excellent site but as technology has attained heights, therefore it may be possible.

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Is indeed Safe and Reliable?

Indeed is safe or not cannot be judged with the little news because if we are using it then we should go to all its functions and specifications, settings etc. Otherwise, anything on the internet which is not been protected is obviously public and open for all. The job sites like indeed comes with certain features and settings that rely on the users whether they wanna opt it or not. If you go through the settings, you’d be able to see some of the options relating to your stuff privacy in different ways. Therefore to keep your stuff safe, you ought to go in certain settings as per your desire and proceed to the first step towards your safety.

Also when you are uploading your resume, be careful what all information you are providing. As discussed above avoid giving the very personal or sensitive information. Hence, the safety starts with you. But the fact that your information gets sell is a matter which is really doubtful. But most of the users have given the reviews that indeed is safe and reliable.

To Sum Up

Going through the article on our blog you must have concluded is indeed trustworthy or is indeed safe or not. Anything online requires a security which should be first on your behalf and according to your requirement, the things get worked. From the enormous reviews, we have concluded that indeed is safe but we cannot deny the fact that the hackers or the experts could able to retrieve your information. Therefore, be safe at your side and do not provide any sensitive information. Now it won’t be a question anymore that is indeed safe; use it sensibly.