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How To Download Apps & Games Without Using The Google Play Store!

Google Play Store

If it comes to Android applications and games we always look forward to the Google Play store to download our favorite apps and games for free, but you can even try GetApk as well. Although Google Play store is the best but has some limitations too and sometimes unable to deliver us those apps we’re searching for, there can be any reason whether due to user policy or breach of contract, Google Play store doesn’t allow listing of some specific apps which violates the company policy.

In that case, there is another option available for every single Android user to download and install those apps with the help of third-party app stores like GetApk which not only provides those apps not listed on Google play store but even the paid and premium apps for free.   (more…)

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Top 7 Advantages of an Alternative Android App Store

Google play store is the most common and widely used Android app store over the globe but that’s not the only option we’ve. There is a great deal of alternative Android App stores like Appvn that might be less popular but are most useful to deliver the outstanding app experience. Android official app store is the safest and best option yet it’s unable to satisfy all the users need and that’s the reason that most of the Android users are switching over to alternate app stores. Unlike the Google play store, these alternatives offer mods for many apps and games along with giving you the chance to install paid apps for free. (more…)

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