Busy Schedule? Quick and Easy Tips for Healthy Skin

No one wants unhealthy skin, but not all of us have hours each day to devote to our skin care regimen. Cleaning, moisturizing and exfoliating can all be very time-consuming, and for a busy teen or tween, this is time you just can't spare.

Fortunately, we're here to help. Instead of skipping a proper skin care routine, we've come up with some tips for healthy skin that are quick, easy and super simple for even the busiest of tweens to master.

To keep skin glowing and beautiful despite a busy schedule, give these tips a whirl:

  • Cleanse on the go-Sure, making time for cleansing every morning and night might be a stretch, but what if you could do it on the go? Invest in some handy travel wipes, and give your face a quick wipe-down once or twice throughout the day. This will keep oil from building up, and it will encourage healthy, acne-free skin in the long - Read More »

The Ultimate Summer Camp Packing List: 6 Things You Never Thought to Pack

With January behind us, summer is quickly creeping up on the horizon. Pretty soon, the sun will be shining, the kids will be out of school and you'll be sending them off to summer camp. Why not use these next few months to start planning and preparing?

To help you get started, we've put together a handy summer camp packing list just for tweens like yours. Start rounding up these six items now, and you'll be ready for summer with plenty of time to spare:

  1. Disposable cameras-Sure, we all have camera-enabled smartphones nowadays, but when you're whitewater rafting or playing capture the flag, you don't want to risk damaging your phone just to sneak a picture. Disposable cameras offer an affordable way to capture the moment without risk.

  2. A high-quality sunscreen-All that kayaking, swimming - Read More »

Have Acne Problems? You’re Not Alone

When you have a pimple, you might think it's the most noticeable thing in the world-that everyone is staring at it, pointing at it, and whispering about it. The truth is, you're probably mistaken. Acne problems are extremely common-especially in young teens and tweens. Your hormones are changing, and this causes your skin to change, too. It produces more oil, you experience more stress, and new makeup and products you're using can all play a role as well.

If you're worried your acne is a huge, noticeable eyesore, remember: you're not alone. Nearly everyone around you-your classmates, friends, and crushes-are all dealing with it, too. The good news is you can take steps to soothe any spots and promote healthier skin in the future.

Prevent Acne Problems

To prevent outbreaks and decrease the number of pimples that appear, you just need to a - Read More »

5 Tween Skin Care Tips for the Harsh Winter Weather

Thorough teen and tween skin care is important all year round, but in the wintertime, it's particularly crucial. The blustery winds, dry air and cold weather that come with this season are extremely harsh on skin, especially the sensitive and still-developing skin of tweens. Even if they're not outside often, just a few minutes in the elements can cause flaky skin, cracked lips and red patches on the face-and no tween wants to be seen with skin damage.

Because of the serious effects of colder weather, the proper tween skin care routine is crucial in the winter. If you want to make sure your daughter is protected, encourage her to follow these five tips:

  1. Keep moisturized. Using a daily moisturizer in the morning after cleansing is very important in the winter, as the skin is constantly exposed to changing temperatures, wind and dry air. Tweens - Read More »

How to Avoid Pimples in 5 Steps

Pimples are a major concern for teens and tweens. While hormones make blemishes almost unavoidable, that doesn't mean all hope is lost. In fact, you can teach your daughter how to avoid pimples on her face with just a few steps.

To show your tween how to avoid pimples and acne problems, walk her through these five skin care steps:

  1. Cleanse the face daily. In your tween years, you should be cleaning your face often. You should do a full face cleansing every morning and every night, and you should keep cleansing wipes on hand at all times. If you notice your face getting greasy or oily, wipe it down and remove any build-up.

  2. Watch the T-zone. The T-zone, which refers to the nose, - Read More »

Skin Care Products for Tweens

As your daughter enters her tween years (7-15), acne may become a noticeable-and frustrating-problem for her. Unfortunately, most skin care products just aren't suited for girls her age. They use harsh chemicals that can irritate her skin, and they require complicated processes that may be difficult to complete on her own. That's where Ottilie & Lulu can help.

Why Our Products Designed for Tweens Are Best

At Ottilie & Lulu, we offer a line of skin care products designed just for your tween to use-by herself. They're easy to work into her daily routine, and they help encourage proper skin care for many years to come.

Best of all, our products are all natural and completely safe to use. Unlike other brands, they don't contain harmful chemicals that could hurt your daughter's still-developing skin. They use safe yet effective ingredients like tea - Read More »

Slumber Party Time? Follow This Overnight Skin Care Regimen

As the winter holiday break nears, girls all over the country are making plans for fun, all-night slumber parties with their friends. But while pizza, movies, and gab sessions may be on the agenda, you can bet there's one thing they're forgetting to plan for: taking care of their skin. For growing teens and tweens, maintaining a healthy, regular skin care regimen is crucial.

Caring for delicate teen and tween skin prevents pores from getting clogged, decreases redness and puffiness, and most importantly, wards off acne and pimples-something all tweens hate. Unfortunately, although your tween may have a great skin care routine at home, the chances of her following that routine while staying with friends are slim to none.

To ensure your daughter takes care of her skin when she's away from home, walk her through this easy, five-step skin care regimen:

  1. Cleanse the face before bed. Use a - Read More »

6 Healthy Tween Gifts for the Holidays

Wouldn't it be nice to get your tween gifts that she not only loves but also contribute to her health and happiness? To make this easy, we've put together this handy holiday gift guide just for teens and tweens.

Consider one or several of the following six items. They're sure to bring a smile to your daughter's face and improve her life as well.

  1. Quality makeup--What tween girl doesn't love putting on a little makeup? Unfortunately, most tweens don't know the first thing about buying the right products, and with their sensitive, acne-prone skin, quality makeup really is crucial to their health and self-esteem. Help get your daughter's makeup collection started by investing in some high-quality yet gentle products this holiday season. Look at the labels on each piece you purchase, and steer toward natural, mineral-based products rather than ones full of - Read More »

How to Prevent Pimples as a Tween

The secret of how to prevent pimples is simple: wash your face and wear a mineral-based sunscreen. Tweens have it harder than any other age group as their hormonal changes cause pimples to crop up for no reason, but the most important thing to remember is that these episodes of dermal discomfort are completely normal. Your body moves into womanhood at uncomfortable paces that can sometimes vary, which causes pimples to occur now and then, and the best lesson to remember regarding how to prevent pimples is to practice good basic hygiene and use high-quality skincare products. Covering blemishes with makeup doesn't do anything except clog pores and cause damage to your skin, because pimples don't heal when you coat them in product; they only get worse. And remember to never pick at pimples or try to pop them.

Ottilie and Lulu's skin care line helps you learn how to prevent pimples naturally. Keeping your - Read More »

Ottilie & Lulu’s Got My Back To School Backpack Giveaways!

Girls, show off your Back to School backpack style so we can pack YOU up with our amazing acne-fighting skin care line made just for tween and teen girls.

Every day until Friday, September 5, we'll randomly choose one winner to receive our O&L Clean Skin Face Wipes, which fit perfectly into your backpack. On September 5, O&L will select one winner from all of our entries to win an entire backpack full of our products with a total value of $125! Enter as many times as you'd like.

Here's how to enter:

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Zinc Oxide: Your Key to Healthy Skin This Summer

Zinc Oxide is commonly found in sunscreens due to its ability to protect the skin from a broad range of dangerous UV rays, but it can do much more. Zinc oxide has skin care benefits for tween girls that go beyond sun protection alone, so introduce your tween to products that contain this ingredient to keep her healthy and protected this summer. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding zinc oxide and what it can do.

What is Zinc Oxide?
Zinc is a naturally occurring mineral with a metallic, shiny appearance, and zinc oxide is produced when zinc reacts with oxygen to create a chalk-like substance. This powder is mixed into sunscreen and other cosmetics for its ability to block the sun's glare without leaving a greasy film behind. It reflects the sun's light without being absorbed into the skin, acting as a mirror for the face.

What can it do for my oxide - Read More »

7 Steps to Proper Sun Protection

Sun protection is vital for healthy skin at all ages, and proper sun protection techniques should be encouraged early on in your daughter's life to facilitate the practice of good skin care throughout her pre-teen and teenage years into adulthood. Talk to your tween about the basics of good sun protection, and set her up with the best sunscreen available for her delicate complexion. You can share the following seven steps to proper sun protection with your daughter to start her on the path to healthy skin now!

  1. Choose the Right Sunscreen – The first step toward proper sun protection lies in choosing a good sunscreen, but this is as much about finding a product your daughter will actually use as it is about finding the right combination of ingredients and SPF/UV protection. Some standard sunscreens are so greasy that they're unpleasant to use, while others apply well but contain - Read More »

The Difference Between Adult Skin and Tween Skin

Research and studies have determined that the majority of skin damage occurs before the age of 17, but most of this damage can be prevented with the right products and plenty of sunscreen. Tween girls need their own tween skin products because they have different skin than adults have. Your daughter's skin is softer, firmer, and more elastic, and it takes special products and close attention to help her maintain her natural, youthful glow. Ottilie and Lulu provides a premium line of skin care products to keep your daughter's fresh tween skin in good shape over the course of her lifetime.

While we can provide the right products, it's helpful to know the differences between tween skin and that of grown women. The first difference is the presence of collagen, which is a family of proteins found in skin of all ages. Its purpose is to keep skin elastic, firm, and soft, and everyone starts out with lots of it, - Read More »

A Skin Care Moisturizer that’s Just for Tween Girls

Your tween's skin deserves special attention, and our skin care moisturizer that's formulated specifically for tween girls can help keep her skin soft and supple well into adulthood. Tween girls need their own skin care moisturizer because their skin is delicate and prone to damage. Ottilie and Lulu's natural products are designed just for tween skin, and they're easy to use!

Our new Pure Facial Moisturizer is the ideal product for girls with all skin types. Your tween will love the way this silky lotion makes her skin feel soft instead of sticky or greasy, and she'll also adore the refreshing scents of sandalwood and mandarin oranges after washing her face in the morning. We use essential oils instead of chemical fragrances, as well as a host of great ingredients to nourish her skin and keep it healthy. This skin care moisturizer lacks the nasty components - Read More »

3 Must-Have Tween Products for Summer

Summer is likely your tween daughter's favorite season. The warm months bring long sunny days, trips to the beach, and best of all, no school to interfere with the fun stuff. A few key tween products can keep your daughter's skin safe and healthy in the bright sunlight and increased time spent outdoors, so give her the gift of good skin by picking up the following three tween products that are essential for summertime:

1. Sunscreen

A high-quality sunscreen is vital for maintaining healthy skin, and this is true for tween girls and grownups alike.  Ottilie and Lulu's SPF 20 sunscreen should be in your daughter's handbag at all times during the sunny months so that she can protect her face from harmful rays whenever she steps outside. Zinc oxide protects her from the sun and also acts as a natural astringent to prevent pimples from forming on sweaty , - Read More »

Why Buy Skin Care Products for Your Tween?

When you buy skin care products for your tween, you are able to make sure she is using the right products for her age group. Your daughter may not know about the dangers associated with some of the ingredients in many skin products, such as phthalates, parabens, petroleum derivatives, and harsh acids, all of which do more harm than good. Tweens have naturally delicate skin, and their changing hormones need to be taken into account to prevent damage to their complexions later in life.

An easy way to reduce your tween's exposure to damaging chemicals while teaching her healthy hygiene habits is to buy skin care products from companies whose products are targeted at tweens specifically. It is also important to check the label of any product she chooses for herself. Ottilie and Lulu makes skin care products formulated especially for pre-teens. Our gentle, natural ingredients are dermatologist-approved for use - Read More »

Pamper Your Daughter with Tween Spa Products

One of the best ways to introduce your daughter to proper skin care is to place emphasis on fun and relaxation, because if she views basic hygiene as a relaxing experience instead of an obligation, she'll be more likely to keep up with her skin care routine. Set up a home spa day, complete with chocolate and slippers, to teach and encourage your tween to take proper care of her skin. The right tween spa products for your daughter will help to transform her daily regimen from a chore into relaxation time, so pamper your daughter with the essentials of a home spa and let her wind down as she learns to care for her skin.

Tween spa products are different from those made for adult women, because tween skin is more sensitive and needs extra care and attention. Ottilie and Lulu provides ideal cleansers and moisturizers for your tween's delicate face, and you can trust our dermatologist-tested tween spa products to be safe for of - Read More »

How to Introduce Your Daughter to Tween Sun Protection Products

Sun damage is not something to be taken lightly, and even mild sunburns can lead to severe skin damage later in life. Many parents now recognize how threatening the sun's rays can be, and they have embraced sunscreen at a much earlier age than their parents before them, because we now know that sun protection products are the most important products you can introduce your children to for lifelong skin health.

The tween years between 7 and 14 are the best time to have a conversation about skin health, because at that age your children are still impressionable enough to take your advice while being old enough to understand the concepts you introduce. Be sure to cover the points discussed below, and have a bottle of high-quality sunscreen on hand for a demonstration. Ottilie and Lulu's Daily Sunscreen and Facial Moisturizer is a physical sunscreen that blocks - Read More »

Tween Products: Designed Just for You

Ottilie and Lulu are best friends who have worked hard to design tween products just for you! These two girls care about their skin in different ways, and they have a lot in common, even if it may not look like it from the outsider. Ottilie likes to be girly and adores flowing pink sundresses and flowers, while Lulu loves to climb trees in functional and comfortable jeans (but she still likes flowers!). You probably have a best friend who falls along either line, or somewhere in between. The time shared with this friend will soon include skin care, and since your mothers will want to talk to you about the best tween products for your skin, be sure to share them with your best friend.

Every girl likes to feel pampered. A silky smooth lotion that also protects you from sunburns is amazing for both girls who like to make daisy chains and girls who like to kick soccer balls against the garage. Taking care of - Read More »

5 Tips for Choosing Tween Cosmetics

Playing around in mom's makeup bag is a rite of passage that all girls go through at some point, and you'll know it's the right time to talk about the importance of natural beauty when she comes out of the bathroom looking like an opera singer wearing stage makeup. This is a good opportunity to tell her that the best tween cosmetics aren't cosmetics at all; your daughter is beautiful on her own, without the enhancements of makeup. The best tween cosmetics are age-appropriate skin care products that emphasize her natural beauty without making her look overdone. Ottilie and Lulu's skin care line takes the focus away from heavy foundations and instead places importance on the celebration of natural beauty. Here are a few tips that may help during your talk about tween cosmetics and good self-care:

1. Celebrate the Natural
True beauty comes from within. Even when your daughter is bare- - Read More »

Skin Care Products that are both High Quality and Affordable

Good skin care products from Ottilie and Lulu pamper your tween’s delicate complexion without costing too much money, and while they may seem a bit expensive at first, she’ll need to use less of them to cleanse and nourish her skin, so the products will last a long time. The right ingredients ensure that she is taking proper care of herself without risking exposure to the damage caused by harsh chemicals often used in cut-rate products. Ottilie and Lulu seeks to provide you and your daughter with an affordable solution to maintain her skin’s health well into adulthood.

Good skin care products last far longer than most drugstore varieties. Since these types of products are more effective than their budget counterparts, one bottle of a good skin care product will last longer than several bottles of the cheap stuff. More importantly, a luxurious formula that feels great on her skin will make - Read More »

5 Pieces of Skin Care Advice You Should Never Forget

Remembering our own first experiences with proper skincare helps us to share good skin care advice with our daughters, and while the products may have changed as new studies reveal the damaging nature of some ingredients, the purpose has stayed the same: you want your daughter's skin to look youthful and fresh well into adulthood. Share the following five timeless pieces of skin care advice with your daughter to pass on the legacy of good health:

1. Sun Protection
Daily sun protection is absolutely vital for every complexion, so talk to your tween about applying sunscreen every day, regardless of cloud cover. Ottilie and Lulu offers a sunscreen that is also a facial moisturizer, and this combination product makes it easier for your daughter to remember sun protection as part of her morning routine while encouraging her to moisturize as well.

2. Keep it Clean
Both facial and body skin needs - Read More »

The Best Sensitive Skin Care Products for Those with Allergies

All tween skin needs special care in order to stay healthy, and many young girls have sensitive skin purely because of its delicate nature. Girls with allergies often have an even more sensitive complexion than most. Allergies can make it hard to find sensitive skin care products that won't cause damage, but good-quality sensitive skin care products for tweens aren't impossible to find. Ottilie and Lulu's line of products cleanse, nourish and protect with mild, natural ingredients that are safe for all skin types.

With or without allergies, skin needs to be clean to be healthy, and face and body soaps are a necessary part of every skin care routine. Our clean skin face wipes are perfect for tweens who need to keep their faces clean without being exposed to harsh ingredients that cause allergic reactions, and these incredibly soft cotton wipes cleanse without causing , - Read More »

Must-Follow Tween Beauty Tips for Spring 2014

Spring is just around the corner, and soon we’ll be able to get outside and replace our puffy coats and bulky layers with breezy outfits. With warmer weather come new fashions and looks for many tweens, so check out these must-follow tween beauty tips to have your daughter feeling as fresh and beautiful as the springtime greenery!

Simple styles are in this year for haircuts, makeup and clothing, and 2014’s focus is confident yet casual comfort as opposed to over-styled looks. Muted blues and soft whites rule the day, and floral patterns are making a comeback, while a few elements of boyish style like button-up collared shirts and sneakers add a bit of edge to feminine looks. The best tween beauty tips for your young fashionista revolve around keeping her style both natural and clean.

Easily maintained styles are popular for girls of all hair types this spring. Lightly layered long and - Read More »

Tips on Tween Skin and Hair Care: MyGames4Girls Interview

MyGames4Girls interviewed Ottilie & Lulu's Deborah Hernan for the best tips on tween skin and hair care. Starting a personal hygiene routine early is important to protect young skin from the damage that frequently occurs during the teen years. Tweens and teens have a need to feel great every day. Ottilie & Lulu's hair and skin beauty products are designed to help girls look their best and feel confident. MyGames4Girls has made it their mission to end low body confidence--a goal we wholeheartedly support! Read the full article here.

Finding the Best Curly Hair Products Reviews

Curly-haired girls face myriad problems that pin-straight and wavy-haired girls will never understand. Frizz and tangles can sometimes seem like frustrations that she will have to battle for a lifetime. The right balance between a nourishing moisturizer and gentle oil remover is rarely found in most hair products, and tweens with curly hair have even more trouble finding the right products than adults do, since they need to avoid chemicals that can damage their health. Enviable ringlets can be difficult to tame if you haven’t read a few curly hair products reviews first.

For a parent in search of tween-approved curly hair products, reviews are an immensely helpful tool in finding the best products to tame your daughter’s particular type of curly hair. Remember that many curly hair products reviews you find on the Internet or in magazines are advertisements for particular products that claim to - Read More »

Essential Hair Products for Girls in their Tweens

You want to help your daughter look and feel her best, and while you can’t let her skip the basics, you can educate yourself about chemicals to avoid to make sure that the products she uses are safe for everyday application. The following hair products for girls are tween-safe versions of the beauty essentials that every woman needs.


Clean hair is healthy hair, and shampoo is the first step in maintaining a healthy scalp. Cleansing hair products for girls remove dirt from the day’s activities and help to maintain overall hair health. Ottilie and Lulu’s shampoo contains only the good ingredients that your daughter needs to keep her hair silky every day, and they come in fresh scents that you’ll love. This product also doubles as body wash to cut down on the number of shower products you daughter needs to have.

Conditioner & is - Read More »

New Skincare Products Your Daughter Will Love

When the time comes to talk to your daughter about keeping her skin healthy, check out the new skincare products designed specifically for teenage skin. These products are far better for delicate young complexions than the average bar soap and lotion combination you may have learned to use as a girl, and your daughter is sure to love them. She'll like the way they make her skin feel, so she'll be more likely to follow a good daily regimen without needing reminders.

Cleansing is the first step in a good daily regimen, and your daughter will need body wash for the shower and a separate facial cleanser. Ottilie and Lulu offers an easy-to-use body wash that doubles as a daily shampoo and contains natural ingredients such as oat kernels and jojoba proteins, which nourish skin as they cleanse from head to toe.

Read More »

Tween Skin Care: Why Start Now?

The tween years are the best time to introduce your daughter to the healthy habit of a daily tween skin care regimen. Girls at this age are impressionable enough to take your advice to heart, but also independent enough to handle the task without assistance after the initial show and tell. Sunscreen and proper hygiene are vital for her overall health, and starting her early can make their use second nature instead of a chore. Introduce your daughter to tween skin care early on to help her develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Statistically, 80% of skin damage occurs before age 17. This damage is the result of harsh chemicals, inadequate sunscreen, and improper care for the delicate and changing nature of tween skin. Teaching your daughter to care for her skin while she’s still young can help her avoid being part of that group. Show her how to wash her face and apply lotion afterward to - Read More »

Foolproof Daily Skin Care Regimen for Young Girls

Your daughter is at an age where her skin is nearly perfect. Sure, she may get the occasional blemish. Women of all ages have to tend to those now and then. How we deal with them is what matters. Truly healthy skin looks stunning without makeup and in spite of the occasional blemish. A good skin care regimen allows your daughter to maintain her baby-face without relying on chemicals or cover-ups. Start her early to build a lifelong habit. These steps for a foolproof daily skin care regimen will have your daughter feeling fresh-faced throughout her lifetime.

Step One: The Shower

A daily shower is a refreshing way to start the day. It's also the first step in a good skin care regimen. Your tween should wash from head to toe with a mild cleanser that's made for delicate skin. Ottilie and Lulu's shower gel is a combination shampoo and - Read More »

Tips for Healthy Skin Even in Winter

Heavy snows make the winter a fun time for tweens. Girls love building snow forts, sledding, and making angels in the backyard with a group of friends. A cup of hot cocoa indoors afterwards feeds the need for conversation after a big day. Winter can be fun and playful, but it isn’t always the kindest season for skin health. The trips between the cold, windy outdoors and warm, dry indoors can throw things out of balance. Dry spots and itchy patches run amok. Share these tips for healthy skin for the cold season with your daughter to keep her skin looking as pure and soft as the freshly fallen snow.

Wear Sunscreen!

Cloudy and gray skies don’t filter sunlight. One of the most important tips for healthy skin is to wear sunscreen every day—regardless of weather or planned activities. Even if your daughter is more of the bookish type who likes to sit and read by a window, - Read More »

Top Trends for Tween Hair in 2014

A new year comes equipped with new fashion trends for tweens of all ages. Hairstyle trends can sometimes seem like a nightmare argument for mothers—especially if your tween is begging for something drastic. Luckily, this year's tween hair trends don't call for dramatic spiked bobs, and wild colors have fallen out of fashion. 2014's top trends in tween hair are more focused on a smart cut and a natural style. These multi-purpose looks allow your daughter to have fun with what nature gave her while staying up to date with her fashion idols.

The Cuts
Mid-length haircuts are dominating the tween hair scene. The trendiest cuts have very little layering going on—just enough to allow for a lot of play. These haircuts rest perfectly at the shoulder, granting the ability to pull hair back into a pony or sleek bun but not long enough to interfere with short hair staples. These shoulder-length - Read More »

7 Must-have Hair and Skin Products for Tweens

We all experimented with our mother’s makeup when we were young—and the results weren’t ever as ‘mature’-looking as we had hoped. Your tween is going through the same experience. Help promote a healthier ideal of beauty by showing her how to use the right hair and skin products for her age. When she asks about make-up, she only wishes to feel confident in her appearance around her peers. Introduce your daughter to these 7 must-have hair and skin products to instill confidence through healthy, natural beauty.

1. Protective Sunscreen
An appropriate sunscreen is the most important of all hair and skin products. Sun damage is a serious issue that affects every person regardless of age. It is easily avoidable with the daily application of a good sunscreen. Ottilie and Lulu’s Facial Moisturizer and - Read More »

The Right Skin Care Moisturizer is More Than “Just a Lotion”

Help your tween make the important switch from the glittery lotion she bought at the mall to an actual skin care moisturizer for lifelong skin health. All skin needs its nourishment to stay healthy. For tweens, this step of the hygiene regimen is usually easy to encourage. She probably uses a lotion daily in order to smell nice and feel soft. The trick is getting her to use the right one. These actual moisturizers will leave her feeling just as girly, but without the exposure to harmful chemicals. The right product can make all the difference.

Ottilie & Lulu knows that girls need to fall in love with their skin care moisturizer in order to make it a daily staple, which is why we scented ours with a heavenly lavender and made sure it left behind an unimaginable feeling of velvety-smoothness. A light shimmer effect adds to the natural glow that only good skin care can provide. The bottle itself is , - Read More »

Tween Beauty Tip: Face Wipes Encourage Healthy Skin Care for Girls

This month's beauty tip for your tween is all about the face, and Ottilie & Lulu's face wipes provide a portable, easy, and enjoyable way for your tween to practice healthy skin care for girls. The facial skin of tween girls is particularly tricky. It's going through constant changes and appears to be constantly prone to breaking out. Frequently washing her face is a good solution to common complexion issues, but it's best in combination with a cleanser made just for her. The cleansing agents of our wipes are ideal for daily use on even the most delicate of tween skin. Most importantly, she'll want to use them every day!

The rosewater in our Clean Skin Face Wipes is for more than just smelling great. Rosewater has been used for generations as a skin care component. It is both soothing and refreshing to apply to facial skin. It also has cleansing properties of its - Read More »

Winter Prep: 6 Beauty Tips and Tricks for Tweens

Winter weather is hard on skin, with cold outside air sapping away moisture and artificially heated indoor air drying skin out further, so be sure to discuss the following six beauty tips and tricks with your daughter before the cold season hits. Since many tweens tend to have more sensitive skin types, it's a good idea to do a little preparation before their skin dries out. These beauty tips and tricks will help your daughter maintain soft, well-nourished skin throughout the winter months.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation renews skin and readies it for the application of deep moisturizer. It's not an everyday task, but once a week it is healthy to remove dead skin cells and then lather up with lotion. Make sure the product you choose is safe for tweens, and as always, avoid parabens, phthalates, and harsh acids. A soft sugar scrub made from natural ingredients is best. If excessive drying occurs, less . - Read More »

Natural Beauty Tips for Sweater Season

Winter is fast-approaching, sweater season is upon us, and your tween daughter is likely pulling out her favorites from storage and reveling in their softness. Following a few natural beauty tips during sweater season can help make sure that she feels confident all over while wrapped in the comfort that only a big, warm sweater can provide.

Hair concerns are one of the biggest problems for girls during colder months. Wool and fleece have a tendency to produce static electricity, which causes flyaway strands and frizz. One of the best natural beauty tips for this season is to use larger amounts of conditioner, which nourishes hair from root to tip and makes it less prone to being unmanageable due to static-causing clothing. When temperatures drop and hair dries out, however, this might not be enough, so a deep condition might be in order. Deep conditioning refers to the process of leaving conditioner on the - Read More »

Top Skincare Products for Holiday Trips

December is a big travel month, since most people have vacation from work or school. Many families travel great distances to gather together for the holidays. If there is a tween girl in your family, look into portable top skincare products to keep her naturally healthy and beautiful for holiday trips. These products fit easily in a weekend bag and are ideal for both short overnight trips and long stays out of town.

The initial step of skin care is always cleansing, so first on the list of portable top skincare products for tweens are easy-to-use facial wipes. Face wipes from Ottilie and Lulu require no water for use, which means that she can clean her face in the car or start her morning hygiene routine without having to wait for a bathroom to open up. Our wipes fit easily in a backpack or purse for convenient skin cleansing anywhere. - Read More »

Tips for Healthy Hair of All Types

When it comes to hairstyles, tweens and fully grown women seem to share the same envy for a different hair type. Pin-straight girls want waves, wavy-haired girls want one simple style, and curly girls want their hair to lay flat and frizz-free. Countless products promise results, but very few offer true hair health. Natural beauty always looks better than going out of your mind over attempts to change what you were born with. Share a few tips for healthy hair with your daughter to keep her happy with what nature (and genetics) gave her. While these tips for healthy hair may not diffuse the desire for a change of pace, they can help your tween celebrate what she already has.

For the Pin-Straight

Common complaints from girls of the straight-hair school tend to focus on the texture. They call it limp, dry, greasy, and unable to hold any body whatsoever. While it may seem counterintuitive - Read More »

Natural Beauty Tips for Halloween Tweens

Halloween is right around the corner. In previous years, your tween was likely dressing up to trick or treat with her siblings in the cutest outfits ever conceived by parents. As she gets older, parties with friends are likely replacing the sunlit traipse around the safe neighborhood. Outlandish costumes replace the bumblebees and princesses of years past. The fight over what she can and cannot leave the house wearing is more frightening for a parent than any of the ghost stories told this time of year. Try to compromise by emphasizing natural beauty tips for her Halloween costume over garish designs.

You may luck out on the costume side. She might wish to dress up as someone or something close to her own natural look. In this case, your course is clear! Help her highlight her natural features while keeping it age-appropriate and share natural beauty tips on how she can look her best. There are too many good costumes to - Read More »

Tips on Tween Hair Styles for Rushed Mornings

A few tips on tween hairstyles that suit the occasion can help your daughter look and feel great without sacrificing precious time to the mirror on those occasional “rushed mornings.” School is starting up again, and for a lot of girls, that means less time in the morning to devote to a beauty regimen. Sure, there are some days that she can get up early enough to play around with a new style, but those days are often few and far between. When the alarm didn’t go off and the ride’s due in 20 minutes, point her toward the right products and these classic tween hairstyles to have her looking great in no time.

Use Conditioner

Conditioner is one of the best tools in your daughter’s arsenal for quickly-pulled-together tween hairstyles. It can be used in place of styling gel to soothe “frizzies.” The same conditioner she uses in the shower may be combed through - Read More »

Gentle, Everyday Sunscreen that Doesn’t Sting Your Eyes

It’s officially the end of summer, with September bringing on the last hoorah for many around the country, and taking a refreshing swim is one of summer’s most cherished highlights for girls and moms alike. Whether your favorite spot is poolside or on a sandy beach, nothing beats the heat quite like a cool swim. However, a lot of girls have reported their eyes burning while coming out of the water. This complaint spans fresh water, salt water, and chlorinated pools alike. It might not be the chemicals in the water itself – it might be your sunscreen! If irritated eyes have ever been a dark spot on an otherwise perfect trip to the water, you and your daughter might want to consider switching to a non-chemical everyday sunscreen.

Lathering on the sun protection is vital for any outdoor excursion, but the chemicals in some varieties could be at the root of after-swimming eye pain. No sunscreen is truly , - Read More »

Conditioner is Vital for Healthy Tween Hair during Summer

Swimming is a much-loved exercise for girls from all climates. The exercise itself proves a great way to stay in shape while keeping cool. However, tween hair goes through frequent changes before it develops a recognizable “hair type,” and it can be very prone to damage from a cool dip in the pool. Salt water might dry it out. Chlorine from a cool pool might bleach it as well as dry it. Fresh water has its own concerns depending on the region that holds your favorite summer lake. Clean tween hair is a priority after every trip to the refreshing water. Tween-approved shampoo cleanses these harmful elements, but only a conditioner can keep it soft afterward.

Cleansing and conditioning tween hair allows your daughter to keep her style in a manageable state no matter what summer’s weather throws her way. Ottilie & Lulu’s creamy conditioner and is - Read More »

Tween Beauty Tip: Build Confidence with Healthy Skin Care

There’s no better beauty secret than confidence in one’s personal appearance. As a parent of a tween girl, you’re probably familiar with the changing fashion crazes revolving around clothing and musical tastes. Another important tool in your tween’s confidence arsenal is healthy, glowing, well protected skin. It might not sound as exciting as a new wardrobe, but healthy skin care is vital for girls who want to look and feel gorgeous.

A healthy skincare routine helps your tween feel as beautiful as she is clean. Feeling great boosts confidence regardless of external pressures from social life or schoolwork. The tween years are all about change, and a change from kiddy cleansers to healthy skincare builds a lifetime habit of taking pride in personal hygiene.

A daily hygiene regimen helps your daughter get used to the idea of keeping her skin well cared for. Cleansing and moisturizing every - Read More »

Finding the Right Sunscreen Products for Tweens

Summer is here and going strong! With the hot weather comes the need for increased sun protection. This is true for people of all ages, but especially true for tween girls with changing skin. Most skin damage occurs before your daughter reaches 17 years old, and the nature of her skin during the tween years makes her even more susceptible to damage from the sun. Finding the right sunscreen products will help your daughter build a habit of applying protection before heading outdoors. Fortunately, many sunscreen products are readily available for the task at hand. Unfortunately, finding the right one can sometimes prove a difficult task. Ottilie & Lulu's sunscreen lotion is perfect for your tween's face, but the rest of her needs some attention as well. Take a look at the ingredients before purchasing, and help your daughter stay well-protected and safe from sun . - Read More »

Saving U Green Review

Saving U Green reviewed Ottilie & Lulu's Clean Skin Face Wipes and Everyday Facial Moisturizer & Sunscreen. See what Marla and her tweens thought by clicking on her review!

Saving U Green

Avoid Summer Breakouts by Sharing Clear Skin Tips!

It’s not summer in every climate quite yet, but the temperatures are rising everywhere. Tween girls, including your daughter, look forward to the warmer months while dreading the impact of excess oils brought by higher temperatures and sweating. Help your daughter avoid the breakouts by sharing some clear skin tips for the coming months of summer!

Clear skin starts with clean skin. One of several important clear skin tips that you can share with your daughter revolves around the morning routine. She should wash her face every day and moisturize afterward. Ottilie & Lulu offers face wipes that take the mess out of daily face washing. One wipe will remove the stresses of the previous day while leaving behind the light scent of rosewater. Our facial moisturizer includes zinc oxide. This ingredient soothes - Read More »

Build a Relaxing Tween Spa at Home

Much needed exercise isn't the only activity that picks up when spring rolls around. Schoolwork often gets a little busier between spring break and summer vacation. Extracurricular activities range from school plays to new sports seasons. Hotter areas might even have swim teams forming in the very near future. Among all these school-focused events, social activities also become more frequent in the form of birthday parties and spur of the moment sleepovers. At first, the new bustle is a welcome retreat from the winter doldrums. As time goes on, it can start to seem a little stressful to keep up with the whirlwind of an even busier daily life. Show her that you care about her while giving her some much-needed time to herself with the gift of a long, uninterrupted tween spa day that's all her own.

A luxurious bath can sometimes knock the stress out of a whole week. Tween spa products from Ottilie & Lulu are perfect for - Read More »

Beauty Tip: Healthy Skin Care for Summer

This last month of school can prove a little rough for tween girls and parents alike, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Summer vacation is upon us! Ottilie & Lulu's varied gift bags make a great start to any summer beauty kit for healthy skin care. A stock of healthy skin care products for summer can help your tween catch a break between the exams and graduation parties while caring for herself. These products provide a little oasis in the midst of school-end activities. From a relaxing bath to a luxurious lotion, these healthy skin care products provide a little relief from the more hectic day-to-day.

A great idea for a few hours of mother-daughter bonding can start with building a beauty kit for summer. A fresh smelling sunscreen and a few products for frequent showers are the start. Deodorant is another tool against the odor that comes with summer sweats. Look for natural deodorants with botanical - Read More »

Humid Weather Hair Tips for Girls

The good news: Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner! The bad news: Humidity. High humidity levels have a way of making styling difficult for all types of hair. Here are a few hair tips for girls to help keep your tween’s locks looking fantastic despite the damp weather.

A little extra conditioner is usually the solution to tame strays and prevent frizz. Help your daughter maintain a focus on healthy, well-nourished hair instead of defaulting to chemically laden gels and aerosol sprays.

Humid weather hair tips for girls with curls rely heavily on the use of a hydrating conditioner. Curly hair is just naturally more porous than straight hair, which makes it more prone to problems with changes in humidity. Curly hair has a habit of going haywire and becoming unmanageably frizzy on the rainy days of spring. Introduce your daughter to the process of daily conditioning to tame springtime - Read More »

Tips for Finding the Best Products for Girls’ Skin Care

The right products for girls’ skin care are a much-needed part of your tween’s daily routine, but the bombardment of beauty products aimed at older girls or children can make finding the best products a little difficult. Tween skin differs from that of both teenagers and toddlers. It’s more prone to damage from harsh chemicals yet also requires more attention than a baby wash provides. Finding the right girls’ skin care products need not be a trying task. Here are a few things you can look for to help your daughter’s skin stay healthy and beautiful.

The PTPA Seal

Parent-tested, parent-approved products may help take the guesswork out of finding good skin care supplies. This organization grants its seal of approval only to companies who meet the standards of real parents going through real day-to-day with their kids. They also take into account the experience of the girls using the & - Read More »

Natural Looks are 2013’s Hottest Hairstyles for Tweens

There's no denying the fact that the 90s styles are coming back. As a mother, you may be holding your head in anguish at the thought of your daughter running around in drape-like flannels and torn jeans. The good news is that it's not all bad. Flannel does make an appearance, as do big comfy sweaters, but the look is more "natural beauty" and less "lazy sleep deprivation." Best of all, hairstyles for tweens are becoming more natural and less hairspray dependent! Use this trend of natural beauty to introduce your tween to good hair care practices early on.

2013's hairstyles for tweens include the look of natural waves left free to do their own thing – to the delight of curly haired girls. The "natural look" requires less effort and minimal product. Even the slicked-back hairstyles for tweens may be achieved with a humble comb. For parents, these trends are a breeze to teach. They don't look too grown-up, and they may even - Read More »

3 Reasons Tween Products Should Differ from Adult Products

Sharing beauty tips with your daughter provides a unique opportunity for mother-daughter bonding. You remember what your mother told you, and you pass those secrets on to the next generation. This bonding experience creates lasting memories for both you and your tween daughter. The only difference between the two of you at these times lies in the products you use. Adult products are just not formulated for use on her delicate, transitioning skin. Use the same methods but have her use tween products for skin and hair, formulated just for her! Here are 3 great reasons to use tween products instead of those made for adults.

1. Changing Skin

As adults, our bodies have, for the most part, come of age. We know whether we have dry skin or oily skin, and we can choose products accordingly. Tween girls haven't hit that point as of yet. Your daughter might have oily skin one week, and itchy, dry skin the next! Using aimed - Read More »

Skin Care Cleansers Help Your Tween Avoid Breakouts

Stress, diet, hormonal changes – there's really no way to be sure which combination of factors contributes to a breakout. It can also be tough or even damaging to treat or prevent them. The right skin care cleansers can help your daughter prevent breakouts without damaging her face. With all the changes your tween is going through, a few unsightly bumps are sure to pop up from time to time. The way the two of you deal with them should be healthy and take into account the preservation of her skin.

Dealing with a breakout first requires an understanding of how the pimples appeared in the first place. While it's difficult to pinpoint whether a particular breakout happened due to hormones or stress, the formation of a zit remains the same. Pores get clogged with too much oil or dead skin cells, and then they get irritated and puff up. Skin care cleansers can help keep this from happening, but it's also important to avoid the - Read More »

Share Skin Care Advice with a Mother-Daughter Spa Day

An in-home spa day provides a wonderful opportunity to share hair and skin care advice with your tween. Spa treatments are fun and girly all on their own, and administering them within your own home allows you to manage the products your daughter comes in contact with. At the same time, the two of you can bond over a few luxurious beauty treatments for hair, hands, and skin in a comfortable environment. Bring out the conditioners and fuzzy bathrobes for a few hours of mother-daughter time!

First, you could focus on hair. Skin care advice does include maintaining a healthy scalp for a shiny head of hair. Deep-conditioning treatments require a bit of time, and you can take care of hands and feet while the conditioner sets. Hair treatment products for adults vary on hair types, but tween products should be fairly universal. Fortunately, the solution is simple. Just use the same every day conditioner, but leave it in for a - Read More »

Beauty Tips for Girls who Enjoy Winter Sports

Sports aren’t only for the warm seasons. Indoor sports are a popular way for tweens to stay fit during the winter, and provide an opportunity to socialize and make new friends outside of a school environment. Help your tween stay hydrated and well moisturized to prevent dry skin and chafing, by introducing her to the best beauty tips for girls of all ages: good hygiene and nourishing moisturizers.

Beauty tips for girls who stay active during the cold months involve caring for her skin and hair. If she stays clean and well hydrated, she’ll feel confident throughout the season. One of the most common indoor activity issues is increased perspiration. Gyms and dance studios get hot, especially when a group is working out together in indoor heating. Talk to your tween about how to properly clean up after a workout. A full shower may not be needed in all cases, but it doesn’t hurt! If she’s short on time, - Read More »

Skin Care for Girls Includes Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a vital, yet often neglected, facet of skin care for girls. Some consciously choose not to use sunscreen, to achieve the perfect tan. Due to the fact that so many people equate a suntan with robust health, sun-bronzed skin is even often presumed to be healthy skin; this is not the case. The UV rays from the sun can often do irreparable damage to the skin. The American Cancer Society reports that there are over one million new cases of skin cancer reported each year in the United States. While types of skin cancer vary greatly in their effects, many can be prevented through early and consistent use of sunscreen. Whether at the beach or walking to school in the bright snow, one cannot overemphasize the importance of protecting skin from the dangerous rays of the sun. Sunscreen, along with regular cleansing, should be the foundation of skin care for girls.

Tween skin is making its transition from flawless, child - Read More »

Products for Girls that Cleanse and Condition

Gorgeous hair isn't just a specific cut or color. Your tween daughter's hair is unique. It might be a little on the frizzy side of curly, or on the flat side of straight. The solution for perfect hair isn't found by changing it. Nourishing hair products for girls can help her feel confident with her hair's natural state. Styling gels, dyes, and sticky sprays just can't compete with the amazing look of what's already there.

Ottilie & Lulu's hair products for girls are made just for tweens. We don't have categories targeted toward one hair type or another because it's simply not necessary. Young girls' hair is going through changes, and it might switch textures or even shades over the next few months and years. The main focus should be to keep hair healthy; then it will look its best. Cleansing and conditioning allows your tween to maintain her hair's health while bringing out its natural radiance.

With that , - Read More »

Tween Health and Beauty Tips for Winter: Avoid the Tan

Great health and beauty tips to share with your tween daughter this winter include having a talk about the tan. Since the sun is likely hiding out, a natural tan is out of the question. Since exposure to harmful rays is a huge concern for tween skin care, the lack of natural sunlight may seem like a bit of a relief at first. Sunscreen is still every bit as important for sledding excursions and snow fort construction, but the majority of winter activities take place indoors away from the damaging sunlight. The desire to get a brown glow might even be lessened when the weather requires heavier clothing. However, some girls may still want a bronze complexion to feel beautiful. If this is the case in your house, it's probably time for a talk about health and beauty tips regarding tanning.

The first of many health and beauty tips for healthy tween skin regards tanning beds. Tanning beds are no safer than baking in the backyard - Read More »

Tween Skin Care Advice for Dry Winter Skin

Snowfall and colder temperatures can be rough on young girls trying to look their best. Dry skin, chapped lips, and cracking elbows seem to run rampant with the drier air of indoor heating in combination with chilly winds. At the same time, the wrong type of moisturizer may lead to the dreaded breakout. Keeping skin well hydrated is a tricky balance for young girls with changing skin. Help your daughter keep things under control as she readies herself for the day with some skin care advice for this drying season.

Cleansing is every bit as important as moisturizing for healthy skin. Just because she isn’t sweating as much this season doesn’t mean that she should skip the shower. The right cleanser for her skin shouldn’t strip the skin of much-needed oils. Instead, the right cleanser should only remove the day’s dirt and provide a good starting point for a moisturizer. Ottilie & Lulu’s Read More »

Teach Good Hair and Body Care Routines Early

Many parents are asking if tween-aged kids need their own hair and body care routine. It's a valid question and one that requires a thoughtful answer from experts. Doctors on leading websites like WebMD have stated that, "It's never too early to teach the benefits of good skin care." They also assert that exposure to pollution, the sun, sweat, and other impurities can do a lot more damage to young skin than it can to adults. With that in mind, a hair and body care regimen for tweens is a valuable part of good grooming to help to counteract these effects.

It's well known that teens often suffer from acne, or from oily skin and hair. For some girls, it's very embarrassing, even a socially crippling issue. Tweens have delicate skin that can react badly to harsh cleaners or heavy moisturizers. It is vital to find products pure and mild enough for tween skin that will gently cleanse the skin and provide nourishment that their - Read More »

Tween Hair Products Celebrate the Fun of Being a Girl

As women, we all love to do our hair. Sometimes, a fancy up-do is all it takes to take the blues out of a bad day. Other times, we feel simply wonderful with a well-kept ponytail or a tight bun. However we style our hair, the activity itself inspires an air of relaxation and confidence. Tween girls love doing their hair just as much as fully-grown women – possibly more! Daily cleansing and conditioning with tween hair products keeps her hair soft and manageable for the style creation of the day.

Girls often style one another's hair as a shared hobby between friends. Curly haired girls love to straighten it out, while straight haired girls wonder what they would look like with bouncy spirals. Flowers, clips, and bows provide more fun additions to beautiful hair. No matter the length, healthy hair always looks great.

Your daughter's daily hair routine doesn't have to be a chore. Cleansing, conditioning, and out - Read More »

Skin Care Cleansers vs Cosmetic Makeup

Even as a mother now, you likely recall the first time you experimented with your mom’s makeup kit. Although the results may have been disastrous, you probably still felt pretty and grown up. Your tween daughter may have already gone through this step, especially if she’s on the older side of these impressionable years. Some girls may see their peers at school wearing makeup at very young ages and feel that they need it to fit in. If you think that she’s a little too young for heavy makeup, you’re right!! You might want to try steering her into the direction of proper skin care instead. Young girls just want to feel as beautiful as you know they are. Ottilie & Lulu’s line of skin care cleansers, moisturizers, and hair care products can help you introduce your daughter to the best beauty products for her age.

Take the time to teach her that makeup looks best when it highlights her natural - Read More »

Skin Care for Girls: Ingredients Matter

Preventing breakouts, protecting from sun damage, and keeping a good balance are all important factors to consider when choosing the best skin care for girls. Since most skin damage occurs before the age of 17, it is vital to choose ingredients that won't cause harm. Products that are perfectly safe for adults aren't always safe for young skin. Ottilie & Lulu's line of skin care for girls avoids these harmful ingredients to protect your daughter's skin during these years. We also include a few ingredients that help her maintain skin health and avoid breakouts.

Zinc oxide is one such ingredient that helps to maintain skin health, and is found in our Everyday Facial Moisturizer and Sunscreen lotion. Zinc Oxide is a vital ingredient for sun protection. It also works as an anti-inflammatory and a subtle astringent. It soothes the skin and keeps it calm without causing the stresses associated with using chemical astringents. - Read More »

The Best Beauty Tips for Tween Hair and Skin

The best beauty tips for tween girls are those that focus on building confidence in their natural appearance. The tween years are often awkward due to hormonal changes that affect outward appearance. A high level of confidence can help her deal with common issues ranging from body changes to the dreaded breakouts and bad hair days.

Good hygiene is the first step to helping your daughter feel as beautiful as you know she is. When she looks great naturally, she might not even feel the need to seek cosmetics. As a parent, help her along by sharing the best beauty tips for a clean and healthy look.

The best beauty tips for skin don't rely on the perfect brand of cosmetics. Heavy foundation and excessive powders don't look good on anyone. A little concealer might prove helpful for hiding the odd zit or two, but when it comes to the big breakout, the solution is not spackle. Most breakouts can be prevented with a a - Read More »

Great Tween Gifts for the Holidays and Beyond

Ottilie & Lulu’s skin and hair care products make for great tween gifts year round. With Christmas coming up fast, you are likely in search of the perfect present for the tween in your life. She may be your daughter, your niece, or a family friend. Help boost her confidence and build lasting hygiene habits by giving some hair and skin care gifts from Ottilie & Lulu!

Our gift bags come ready-wrapped in soft, colorful organza bags with festive bows. We have three options to choose from. The Face Essentials bag contains products that let her cleanse and moisturize her skin anywhere. The facial lotion doubles as a sunscreen for added protection against the elements. This bag also comes with our SPF lip balm to prevent chapped lips during the cold season. Our Hair Essentials gift bag contains a body wash - Read More »

Sun Protection Products for Winter

Winter is approaching quickly. Cool days on the soccer fields have already replaced sunny afternoons on the beach, but sun protection products are every bit as important as they were over the summer. After all, cloud cover and chilly weather don't block UV rays. The right sun protection is especially important for young girls. Skin damage from the sun during the tween years can last a lifetime. Help her avoid cold-weather sunburn by introducing her to sun protection products early on.

The American Association of Pediatrics recommends sun protection products with a minimum SPF of 15. SPF refers to the percentage of protection a product provides from damaging UV rays. Higher SPF's have a higher percentage of damage blocking, with SPF 15 blocking 94% of UVB rays and SPF 30 blocking 97%. A good sunscreen normally falls somewhere between 20 and 45 – higher than the minimum but not ridiculously high. SPF 100+ might look like - Read More »

The Right Tween Beauty Products for the Job

Girls between age nine and twelve are probably already interested in makeup, manicures, and trying on mommy's high heels. Tween beauty products may conjure fun images of makeup and dressing tables, but gentle skin and hair care products are a vital part of good grooming for young girls. Teaching the benefits of good skin care should be done at a young age, but you can’t do that without the right tween beauty products.

Most of us remember the "Big Talk," when our mothers sat down with us and explained the wonders of womanhood and all that entailed. From the days of lacing up corsets to the advent of the curling iron, mother-daughter talks laid the foundational knowledge of what it is to be a young woman. Daughters may not always realize it, but they rely on mothers to provide advice on beauty, relationships, careers, and even tween beauty products! Mothers have a lifetime of wisdom and knowledge to convey& - Read More »

Skin Care for Girls: All About Lotion

A good lotion is the best skin care for girls all through the year, but it is particularly important to get into the habit of moisturizing skin during the months of fall and winter. Many factors can lead to dry skin during the year. Months of fun in the sun, chlorine, and salt water take their toll. Weather changes can wreak havoc on girls' skin, so moisturizing is an integral part of daily life. Cooler days can cause uncomfortable chapping or even flaking. As she shifts her primary environment from the backyard to the classroom, a change in atmosphere might also lead to dry skin issues. Teach your daughter to keep her skin moisturized to prevent issues with dryness and to keep her skin healthy. Choose the right skin care for girls by selecting lotions that are formulated specifically for delicate tween skin.

How Lotion Works

Skin secretes oils constantly. Think of this process as the skin's natural way of . - Read More »

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment for Girls

Help your daughter revitalize her hair this fall with a weekly deep conditioning hair treatment with hair products from Ottilie & Lulu! Fall is the best season for applying a weekly deep conditioning hair treatment. Summer involves a lot of exposure to elements that can cause hair to lose some of its natural luster. Chlorine from the pool and salt from the beach both act to dry hair out. Also, massive amounts of time in the sun take their toll. Fall conditioning also prepares hair for the winter to come. Winter can be a dry time due to colder weather and less humid air. The colder months also mean more time indoors, which can prove drying for all types of hair. Restore shine and prevent tangles by using tween hair products for deep conditioning in the comfort of your own home!

The process of deep conditioning is fairly simple. After shampooing, have your tween coat her hair with Read More »

3 Tips for Preventing Breakouts

An increase in stress is an unfortunate part of the back-to-school season for a tween girl. Homework keeps her busy, and she is still adjusting to the schedule changes that come with being back in the classroom. The hardest part of back-to-school stress might come in the form of the dreaded acne breakout. This may weigh hard on her and prove destructive to her confidence. Remind her that breakouts happen to everyone at some point, and share a few tips on preventing breakouts to help her out!

1. Keep Skin Clean

Zits form when bacteria and dead skin cells build up in the pores. Having your daughter cleanse her skin frequently – 3x a day – is one of the best ways of preventing breakouts. However, it is important to note that frequent cleansing should only be done with a mild cleanser to avoid drying out skin. Tween skin is delicate and requires delicate treatment. Read More »

Introduce Your Daughter to Skin Care for Girls

The start of a school year provides a great opportunity to talk to your daughter about taking care of her skin. This is especially true for girls just entering the tween years! Skin care for girls requires different products and an easier regimen. She probably wants a little more independence as she enters middle school. Introduce her to skin care for girls her age to help her feel that she is doing something on her own while building a healthy habit!

Your daughter may enter her tween years as early as 7 and will stay in them until 14. At this phase in her life, her skin is going through changes from childhood to adulthood. It is especially susceptible to damage from the sun and chemicals as it transitions. Mild products with healthy ingredients nourish her skin and make her feel beautiful even when the changes are visually apparent.

Skin care for girls starts with the face. Teach your daughter to wash her face - Read More »

Hair and Skin Products for Back to School

Summer’s end marks the beginning of the new school year. Your daughter is likely excited to get back and see friends and share stories about the fun she had all summer! With all the activity and bustle, it’s important that you remind her to keep up with her hair and skin care regimens. Changes in schedule and new activities might make this seem difficult, so easy to use products are a must. From the shower to the practice field, Ottilie and Lulu’s hair and skin products will help your daughter keep up good habits this school year!

Easy to carry hair and skin products are ideal for girls with busy schedules. Smaller packages fit easily in a backpack or sports bag for use after activity or exercise. Our Clean Skin Face Wipes are a perfect tool to help your daughter keep her skin clean and feel fresh no matter where she is. On a hot day, she can wipe - Read More »

Bath and Beauty Products make for Great Tween Gifts

Everyone likes presents, and your tween is no exception! It doesn’t need to be her birthday to give her something that shows you appreciate her. With school starting up again, giving her a present might just ease the transition to working again after a period of relaxation and fun. Bath and beauty products are great tween gifts for any time of year! After all, everyone loves a luxurious bath.

Ottilie and Lulu’s gift bags contain bath and beauty products that make your tween feel as beautiful as you know she is. We have three gift bags your daughter is sure to love. The face essentials gift bag contains lip balm, face wipes for clean skin anytime, and an SPF moisturizer for a protected, smooth feeling face. Our hair and body gift bag is ideal for a luxurious bath. The minty smell is indescribably . For - Read More »

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Hair products for Girls with Changing Hair

Your daughter’s hair may go through phases during her tween years. It might be unmanageably dry one month and confusingly oily the next! These changes may have your daughter seeking adult products intended for hair that truly is oily or dry. However, no matter how good they are on your hair or how expensive, these products are not usually made for girls her age. They often contain chemicals that cause harm instead of benefit. Specially formulated hair products for girls are designed to work with your daughter’s hair no matter what phase it finds itself stuck in.

These gentle, but effective products provide the vitamins, botanicals, and antioxidants to nourish, soothe, and protect, all while assisting in the building of daily personal care habits. Combination products cut down on shower time, make getting clean that much easier, and are less expensive than multiple product purchases.

Ottilie & - Read More »

Botanicals: The Perfect Scents for Tweens

Everyone wants to smell good, and your tween is no exception! An entire perfume industry exists to fit this need, but not all solutions are appropriate or safe for younger girls. Some contain harmful chemicals, and others are a little too ‘adult’ for her age group. Fortunately, a natural solution for the perfect scents is available in the use of botanical fragrances. Such fragrances are derived from plant ingredients and are safe for your daughter’s changing skin. Furthermore, botanicals place an emphasis on smelling clean and fresh as opposed to boisterous.

Normal perfumes just aren’t formulated for girls. Most contain at least one on a large list of chemicals that can cause skin damage to delicate tween skin. A few of these chemicals may even cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems. Even on the safer end of the spectrum, such perfumes may cause dry and chapped skin. Ethanol, petroleum , - Read More »

Pamper Your Daughter with a Tween Spa Party

Slumber parties provide a great diversion from your daughter’s day to day life. These parties can consist of two friends sharing an evening of giggles and a movie. They can also provide a great birthday treat with as many friends as your house can accommodate! During the summer, girls are out of school and probably spending a lot more time together. Add a refreshing, and skin-healthy, element to your daughter’s slumber party by hosting a tween spa party! This type of party pampers your daughter and her friends and would be especially refreshing during the hot days of summer.

Slumber parties are all about talking and sharing secrets with friends! A spa-themed party allows your daughter and her confidantes to relax as they chat about their lives and laugh over shared experiences. As a parent, all you need to do is provide age-appropriate spa essentials and step back to let your daughter enjoy the company of her - Read More »

Skin Advice for Summer Activities

Share some skin advice with your daughter this summer. Most skin damage occurs before the age of 17, and it is important to minimize damage during the tween years. Frequent application of sunscreen is vital. It may prove easy to remember to wear sunscreen when outdoors in summer, in full sunlight, but not all fun happens directly under the sun's glow. Sunscreen is important everyday, not just at the beach or park, but everywhere – even a shady spot – because of all of the reflective surfaces that surround us.

Going to a movie or to play indoors making crafts, it may be easy to forget to apply sunscreen. After all, the sun isn't beating down to remind you to apply! However, this is why building the habit of wearing sunscreen everyday is so important. Just because your daughter plans to be inside for a while, sunscreen is still necessary. Sun damage can occur when she decides to step outside and participate in a summer sun- - Read More »

Best and Worst Cities for Your Skin

Click through this infographic to see where your town ranks for your tween skin's health!

Best and Worst Cities for Your Skin

Self-Confidence Tips to Share with your Tween

Confidence comes from many angles – regardless of age. Your tween is a special case. At this time in her life, self-esteem is vital for happiness. Confusing changes are taking place in her life on chemical, as well as emotional, levels. A healthy appearance can do wonders. Share some self-confidence tips with your daughter and help her feel as gorgeous as you know she is.

First on a list of self-confidence tips for tweens is open communication. Let her know that she can talk to you about any issues, whether they are about school, home, or simply her hair or skin. When she looks and smells great, she will feel great! Offer advice about products that she can use. Every girl loves gifts, and the gift of good hair and skin products can provide a gateway for discussions about healthy habits in other facets of her life. Share self-confidence tips from your own youth and help her feel beautiful.

The importance of self- - Read More »

Back to School Tween Beauty

Bonding Over Beauty

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Age Appropriate Tween Cosmetics

Feeling beautiful is very important to your tween daughter. It's hard not to feel great when greeting the day with shiny, healthy hair and soft, clean skin. Caring for herself is vital for her confidence. Unfortunately, she might think she needs makeup or flashy clothes to achieve the standards of beauty imposed by the world at large. Help her realize she is beautiful on her own with the use of age-appropriate tween cosmetics: simple hygiene and care for her skin and hair.

Ottilie & Lulu was created to provide parents and tweens with beauty products specially formulated for tween hair and skin. Between the ages of 7 and 14, your daughter's hormonal changes might cause blemishes or dry skin. If she feels her skin is unsightly, she may want to turn to cosmetics, such as foundations, powders, and blush. At this age, there are few tween cosmetics that are formulated in a way that doesn't cause damage to her skin's delicate . - Read More »

Share Some Tips for Healthy Skin with your Tween

Sharing some of your own tips for healthy skin with your daughter can set her on a path to a lifelong skin care regimen. Developing good habits early impresses upon her the importance of hygiene. A clean tween feels more confident, and confidence is vital as her body changes. Ottilie and Lulu provides a great line of skin care products to help your tween build confidence, be protected from the sun, and maintain a healthy routine.

One of the best tips for healthy skin you can give your tween is in regards to proper sun protection. Sunburn is not only a painful experience in the short term, but it can also cause serious problems for your daughter later in life. Luckily, many sun protection products are available. Ottilie and Lulu provides a great sunscreen, which will moisturize your daughter’s skin while protecting her - Read More »

Good Hair and Skin Products for your Tween

Your tween daughter’s skin is going through a lot of changes; it is important to teach her how to properly care for her skin early, developing habits that will last her lifetime. From the shower to the poolside, Ottilie and Lulu provides hair and skin products to help you teach your daughter the importance of good hygiene.

Our Clean Skin Face Wipes provide a very portable solution to facial skin care when your daughter is on the go. A quick swipe of a skin wipe after exercise helps her face feel fresher, without the need for toting along bottles of gels or bars of soap. This compact package fits easily in her backpack or overnight bag, allowing her to wash her face wherever she may be! Sun protection is also necessary, especially with the coming spring and summer seasons. Ottilie and Lulu’s line of hair and skin products includes an SPF lotion with a fresh - Read More »

Help Your Daughter Show Her Natural Tween Beauty

Dark- or fair-skinned, curly- or straight-haired, your young daughter is beautiful just the way she is. Help her embrace her natural tween beauty by introducing her to hygiene habits early on, and make an impression to last a lifetime. Since most skin and hair damage occurs before age 17, it is important to choose products that won’t upset the delicate balance of her changing body. Ottilie and Lulu provides a line of products to help your tween’s natural beauty shine through, without causing damage.

Regardless of which type of skin your tween has, her body’s changes during this time can make it difficult to select good products. Specific acids and minerals can damage her skin, drying it out or making it appear greasy. Either option can damage your tween’s confidence. Ottilie and Lulu’s skincare products contain no salicylic acids, and are perfectly balanced to help her look and feel great. - Read More »

Sunscreen Products for your Tween

With the arrival of spring, and the summer to come, your daughter is likely to be spending a lot more time out-of-doors. Whether her activities include sports practice, school outings, or pleasant afternoons with friends, sunshine is going to be a prominent part of her life over the next few months. Teaching your tween to care for her skin includes teaching her how to use sunscreen products to protect her skin as she enjoys the warm weather. Sunscreen products come in many SPF levels and varieties, but your daughter’s skin is fragile during her tween years. Ottilie and Lulu’s sunscreen products are specifically formulated for delicate tween skin. Our sunscreen also doubles as a moisturizer for her whole body, and is safe for everyday use. The pleasant lavender scent will have her feeling fresh and clean while the SPF 20 protects her from damaging rays.

Our Everyday Facial Moisturizer & Sunscreen is a great - Read More »

Sunscreen Everyday for Tweens: What's the Point?

No one likes a whistle blower. Tweens tend to gossip about neighborhood parents who seem to have too tight a leash on their children, and that parent's home is often avoided when kids are talking about where they would like to hang out. Yet, parent guidance and assistance with decision making is critical in the tween and teenage years. Possibly one of the most important health lessons parents have to instill in tweens: wear sunscreen everyday. How each parent teaches his or her child may vary, but it is always helpful to find a product he/she will like to use on a regular basis.

Why is sunscreen so critical? The number one reason to apply sunscreen is to actively fight against skin cancer. Melanoma is in the top three most aggressive and dangerous cancers, with sunburn as a leading cause for melanoma.

Secondary reasons for applying sunscreen include protecting skin, minimizing the aging effects of the sun, and . - Read More »

Choosing the Right All Natural Skin Care Products for Your Daughter

Sensitive skin or not, dry or oily complexion, teaching your daughter to follow a skin care regimen can help her look and feel her best. However, many drugstore products contain ingredients that could prove harmful to her skin's delicate balance. Ottilie & Lulu provides all natural skin care products with none of the harmful ingredients commonly found in drugstore products. Here's a bit of information about the ingredients we do and don't include to keep our products, and your daughter, healthy and gorgeous!

The Good Stuff

Botanicals provide an all-natural way to help your tween smell heavenly. We use botanicals instead of perfumes or synthetic fragrances to create all natural skin care products just for your daughter. Botanicals don't need harmful pthalates for application. They also provide an aromatherapy benefit. Our Body Glow Lotion is scented with lavender – a calming, soft scent. We use mint in our shampoo - Read More »

Does Chocolate Cause Acne? Skin Care Advice for the Chocolate Season

The joy of Easter morning is incomplete without that brimming basket of delicacies! Your daughter may be growing up, but chances are she still has a sweet tooth, which only an Easter bunny can cure. With the changes happening to her skin during these years of her life, you as a parent may have some concerns about the effect of so much chocolate on her skin. After all, your own mother might have told you that chocolate can cause unsightly pimples when she was sharing her own skin care advice. The truth is, nothing has really been proven, and it all depends on what your daughter's body does after consuming chocolates.

Acne is caused by overactive oil glands combining with bacteria on the surface level of your daughter's skin. During the tween years, these glands might change their production over the course of even a few months. As hormonal changes take place, your daughter may notice increased breakouts after eating . - Read More »

Lip Love and Beauty Obsessions

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Well and Good NYC

Well+GOOD nyc

Lip Balm Ball

Hotsy Totsy Beauty

The Most Common Acne Triggers for Tween Skin

It may be a surprise for you to learn that your tween, if he or she is struggling with acne, should not turn immediately to skincare products. Tween skin is vibrant, extremely healing, and well defended by a body that is in its prime. Most tweens that have acne have it because of one of a few, or a combination of a few probable triggers. Even if these triggers are addressed, it is always smart for the tween to practice using regular sunscreen and gentle skin cleansing wipes.

The leading acne causing agent is diet. Most tweens have a metabolism like a furnace and can burn calories like dry kindling. Parents have seen their tween children put away a plate of pancakes as if they were nothing. Tweens boast about putting away whole pizzas, and going back for fourth helpings. These practices are part of growing, and when a child is active, they are normative. However, if acne arises, the tween should look to - Read More »

The Do's and Don'ts for Beautiful Tween Skin

Let's get right to business. If you want your child to have youthful tween skin well into her fifties, you are not crazy.

First, a couple of do's:

• Wear sunscreen everyday. Tweens, teens, adults, and babies, should all wear sunscreen each and every time their skin will be exposed to the sun. You might be thinking to yourself, "That's an awfully big expense." But the truth is, you will be able to save on anti-wrinkle products, and probably about half as much on blemish correction cosmetics throughout life if you take care of protecting yourself from the sun. Direct sun exposure is the leading cause for wrinkles, blemishes, aging skin, and skin cancer. A tween should be especially careful since his or her skin is so vulnerable to the sun. Tween skin that is protected stays youthful for decades longer. It's proven science.

• Develop a skincare routine. Tween skincare looks different than teens and adults, - Read More »

Top 5 Problems Facing Tween Beauty Products

Women face a panoply of issues when dealing with skincare. For the tween, those problems are magnified, mystifying and marketable. The top 5 problems to address with tween beauty products are easily sortable though, when you know what to avoid.

1. Tween beauty products are up against a market of sales-hungry consultants. Think of it this way. If you want to catch a shark, what do you do? Chum the water. It is not a pretty business, but do it, and you will see that the sharks come. In the same way, the first mistake you can make in trying to find skincare for your tween is to ask the general public where to find it. Talk about chumming the water! In no time, you will be asking yourself, "Where did that Mary Kay consultant come from?" Avon, Arbonne, the list goes on; all these sales representatives will come knocking on your door to sell you a product. With nothing but a head for sales, you are bound to end up with a product - Read More »

The Independence that Comes with Tween Skin Care

Research indicates that the most challenging years of a person's life come during the developmental years. From a growing body, to a surge of new hormones, the tween is in flux at all times. Tweens experience everything from changing sleep patterns, to growing pains and new wants and desires as their minds and bodies develop. During these years, most tweens begin to have greater conflict with their peers and even more so, with their families and parental authorities. Learning to raise children in this conflict rich environment is a great challenge to parents, and one that, with a little help, can be highly rewarding. For some, it may come as a surprise, that especially with tween girls, tween skin care can be an avenue for mother-daughter bonding and enhancing family relationships.

The reason that skincare may play an important role in building strong relationships with tweens is founded in the independence that it provides - Read More »

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Mom Trends reviews some favorite girls beauty products and reminds us of the importance of everyday sunscreen for tweens!

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Simplicity Always Wins with Tween Beauty Products

Pre-teenage years are one of the most difficult transitional periods a person will go through. True, high school and the teenage years are full of difficult changes. College is a formidable shift. Married life, having children and working a career are all undertakings that require enormous skills, both personal and professional, but there is no other age when a person will be stuck between two dynamic opposites so much as during the preteen or tween years. Tweens are young enough to remember the carefree years of childhood when cartoons ruled the day, and dinner was the highlight of the night but old enough to know the stresses of school, deadlines, peer pressure, expectations and more. When it comes to tween girls, the pressure to embrace beauty habits like teens and women many years their senior is prevalent. And yet the desire to remain young and carefree is strong. With so many tween beauty products on the market, this is an - Read More »

Clean Skin Face Wipes Review by StyleBakery

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Tween Beauty Need Not Involve Makeup Fads

Makeup usage might be regional. Based on sales figures, it appears to be more common in the south, especially Texas, and less so in the west. In places like Boulder, Colorado, women wearing any noticeable makeup are an exception to the norm. Though, tweens (preteens), and teens tend to defy the norms. As tween girls approach their teen years, they want to make the leap into adulthood and try to enhance their tween beauty with a variety of products. Many girls, by the age of eight, are already heavily influenced by their peers and celebrities. It only takes one mother allowing her daughter to cake on the foundation, eyeliner, or mascara for all the other girls at school to beg their mothers to let them wear makeup too.

Most mothers know the power of peer pressure. Rather than fight the pressure, or give in to habits or activities not of your choosing, it is often better to find an alternative strategy. This is true an - Read More »

New Review from Palacinka Beauty Blog

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Choosing the Right Tween Beauty Products

One thing tweens almost never have to deal with is dry skin. Even in hot, dry climates, youthful skin maintains elasticity and moisture exceptionally well. Even more likely is the fact that youth between the ages of seven and fourteen will develop oily skin, usually because they do not practice regular cleansing habits. The truth is that facial skin is the most porous skin on the body, as well as the most sensitive. How do tweens address this thin balance when trying to choose the right tween beauty products?

The first step is for parents of tweens to teach healthy skincare routines. Ideally, all tweens need to cleanse their faces twice a day.  If your tween participates in any activity that causes her to perspire, she should also cleanse after these activities. Sunscreen is a must. Daily application of sunscreen may be the most important hygiene habit a parent teaches a tween. By applying broad-spectrum sun daily, - Read More »

Valentine's Day Giveaway

It's very important to start good habits when it comes to personal hygiene! Visit Tween Girl Style Magazine for a chance to win Ottilie & Lulu's Spa Essentials gift set!

Tween Girl Style Magazine

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

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One Bored Mommy

Spa Essentials Kit Review and Giveaway

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Ingredients of Skin Care Cleansers

The past ten years have been particularly informative in the skin care industry. Dermatologists now have a better understanding of what damages skin, how to prevent it, and who should be the most vigilant. The truth is, a significant amount of skin damage that occurs to a person's skin happens in the younger years of their life. That means tweens and teens have to be especially careful when caring for their skin if they want to avoid the unseemly wrinkles of the middle aged and older generations. However, positive skin care cleansers for tweens do not come in the same formulations that are suitable for adults.

Tweens' skin is more sensitive than an adult's skin. Common chemicals found in harsher adult cleansers, such as salicylic acid, can damage sensitive, youthful skin, provoking the very effects that tweens are trying to avoid. Instead of buying generic skin cleansers and using them indiscriminately, parents of tweens - Read More »

Tween Face Essentials for Gently Tackling Acne and Blemishes

There is no magical line between the ages of thirteen and fourteen, nor between seven and eight, but it is between seven and fourteen that youth are often referred to as “tweens.” It is within this age group that children enter a strange limbo where they are still children but find their bodies and their skin changing. One of the major complications of puberty is the onset of increased oil on the surface of the skin. Many tweens begin to experience acne as early as ten years of age, and they start to use harsh, acidic cleansers and drying toners to control their newly developing blemishes. Finding tween face essentials that are effective, yet gentle enough for tween skin, is key.

Some parents think that using harsh cleansers and toners is the normal way for tweens to deal with blemishes. Many of these products, while good for teenage skin, are still too harsh and drying for young skin. Also, most adult - Read More »

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Reviews and Raves About Ottilie & Lulu Products



Learn more about Ottilie & Lulu's hair and skin products for girls by checking out these great reviews and experiences!

Keep reading below for links to more - Read More »

The Science of Tween Skin

Skin damage does not happen overnight. In fact, 80% of the damage done to skin happens before the age of 18 because young skin is neglected and abused. Most tweens do not start with skin care until they see their first blemish. At that point, they do not have a daily hygiene habit, and as a result, they begin to abuse their skin with harsh, drying products that unbalance their skin. The science of tween skin care is simple: consistent, regular cleansing with a gentle, non-irritating formula, daily application of a moisturizer with a broad-spectrum protection sun screen, not only in summer, but also year-round, and keep hair away from the face during activities and while sleeping. Of course, a healthy diet and plenty of sleep are also part of this scientific formula for healthy tween skin.

As children grow into tweens, they have increased exposure to environmental elements, and with the onset of puberty, they . - Read More »

7 Tween Healthy Skin Tips

Skin care can be quite tricky, because just like our fingerprints, everybody’s skin is different. Some people have flakey dry skin, others have oily skin, and then there are those lucky few who have skin that is just right. Well, no matter what your skin type, there are some surefire basics to ensure that you are taking the right steps to care for your skin. We’ll start by identifying things that are bad for you skin. One skin health assassin is ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light is important for many functions. It’s required by our bodies to produce vitamin D and prevent horrible conditions such as rickets. However, UV light causes damage to DNA and consequently skin.

Here are 7 tween healthy skin tips to keep your tween’s skin on the right track.

Tip #1: Avoid unnecessary UV light exposure.

Tip #2: Wear a broad-spectrum protection sunscreen everyday—even on cloudy days. - Read More »

Develop Good Habits Early with Tween Skin Care

So, your child is now at the age at which she is solely responsible for her hygiene. She’s not a baby anymore, but she isn’t quite a teenager either. One question you may ask is “What is a good approach to tween skin care?” The answers are not as simple as you would think. Tweens don’t want to use baby skin care products and are too young to use harsh acne products made for teens and adults.

 The first step is to cover the basics: make sure that your tween is actually cleansing her skin twice a day, in the first place. The second step is to ensure that you have chosen the right product for tween skin care. The right product is going to be free from harsh chemicals, to prevent skin irritation. One ingredient to avoid for tween skin is salicylic acid. Although marketed widely, it is too drying for young skin and can cause the skin to become unbalanced, resulting in dry patches and flaking. - Read More »

What Do Dermatologists Think of Facial Beauty Products for Tweens?

Dermatologists and pediatricians agree that tween skin is probably the best skin we will ever have in our lives. Depressing? Yes, but there is a way to extend the best skin period. When children are babies, we smother them with a barrage of baby products to soothe, moisturize, and protect their baby skin. Then when they become tweens and start taking care of themselves, there aren’t any products made for them to soothe, moisturize and protect their skin and hair.

Medical professionals agree that while makeup for this age group could be damaging to their skin, using age-appropriate formulas in facial beauty products could help to build good hygiene habits. Products with gentle formulas that cleanse, moisturize and protect skin are a positive start to a life-long habit of good hygiene and good healthy skin.

Whatever age girls start puberty, it is never too early to get them started on good hygiene. daily - Read More »

How the Wrong Tween Skin Care Moisturizer Can Do More Harm Than Good

A tween skin care moisturizer must be formulated differently from adult moisturizers. Most adults’ skin is often dry, losing elasticity, and developing signs of aging. The moisturizer that is appropriate to address these effects in adult skin is most often too strong or lacking age-appropriate formulas for young tween skin. Even if a young girl wants to be just like her mom, it is not beneficial—and may be harmful—for her to use her mother’s facial moisturizers. Tween skin is unique. Its special needs include gentle cleansing, light nourishing, to maintain its soft and supple texture, and daily sunscreen protection.

Many adult formulas contain parabens, phthalates, and minerals. Collagen, an ingredient found in many adult moisturizers to help heal damaged skin and prevent aging, is not appropriate for young, sensitive skin. These creams and lotions may clog and increase the size of tweens’ - Read More »

5 Skin Care Beauty Tips Tweens Need

Acne is the inevitable enemy of youth. Between the ages of seven and fourteen, most girls will develop skin blemishes as their bodies begin the process of puberty. Zits leave their victims feeling self-conscious and uncertain about their image. However, there are choices in how girls can address blemishes---before they begin to happen. Positive skin care beauty tips tweens should take into consideration will help them to endure puberty while protecting their skin for the future, keeping it looking fresh and healthy for their whole lives.

1. No matter what product you use, never succumb to the urge to pick blemishes. Picking and popping zits leads to scarring. Picking is also a main cause of enlarged pores, which then lead to worse and more pervasive acne problems.

2. Developing a daily cleansing routine is key to preventing blemishes and nourishing skin. Tweens who have the discipline to wash their faces , - Read More »

From the Experimental Mommy

There are many reasons why I love my Mom. She is kind, generous, and a great listener. Another reason? She has amazing skin! I am hoping that I inherited those genes, because her skin is still flawless and beautiful. Fortunately, I didn't have many inherited skin issues as a teenager but my Mom instilled good hygiene and taught me to protect my skin. Now that I have two daughters, I want to do the same for them.

Apparently, I am not alone! Deborah Hernan, a mother of a tween girl and former executive with Revlon, noticed the lack of products to promote skin care and personal hygiene for girls ages 7-14. So, like any SuperMom would do, she created a natural skin and hair care line, Ottilie & Lulu, in 2009. Her product line took off quickly and grabbed the attention of Seventeen Magazine's Style Blog and Discovery Girls and the rest is history!

I was very excited to receive two items, - Read More »

Mommy Reviews

Ottilie & Lulu is an online site that markets products directed toward tween aged girls to help promote healthy skin, and hair regimens. Are you aware that 80% of the damage done to skin happens by the age of 17? Well, Ottilie & Lulu creates safe products to help young girls feel and look good. All of their products are formulated specially for girls ages 7-14 years, and contain special, gentle formulations of anti-oxidants, botanicals, and vitamins. All of their products are dermatologist, allergy, and clincally tested. Do not worry--they do not test on animals!

It is important for young girls(tweens) to keep up with a daily hygiene regimen: washing thier hair, keeping their face clean, showering, moisturizing their skin and protecting their delicate skin from harmful sun rays. That is where Ottilie & Lulu comes in...they offer Face, Body, Sun Protection, and gifts that can be on - Read More »

Race to Summer

As we move into the second half of May, I feel the need to put on my track shoes. It's not for my occasional jog, but for the sprint I do between now and the end of June. School is almost over, but the calendar is filled with recitals, moving up ceremonies, theater performances, innumerable birthday parties, and the end of year parties. And then camp or summer homes and vacations are on the horizon, and the need to get everything and everybody ready. I do feel as though we are blessed with some kind of extra energy at this time of year--or perhaps it's just because of daylight savings time. Whatever it is--I'll take it!

My tween is going to her first sleep away camp this summer. My husband and I are much more traumatized about this than she is, but if she is ready to spread her wings a bit, we want to give her the opportunity to build her independence. But oh, the preparations: Medical forms, dental -, - Read More »

Mother's Day - A Celebration of Mothers and Children

The other day I overheard my daughter asking her father what they were doing for Mother's Day. I smiled to myself and my heart just puffed up. Whether she knows it or not, my daughter moved from the mother/child stage into the mother/daughter stage. She became one of us--a nurturing, caring (young) woman. Whether she draws me a picture, composes a new song, or picks out some flowers, I know she does it with a different sensibility than she did when she was 5 or 6. And while my daughter has much to accomplish and learn in life before becoming a mother, I am always amazed at the natural, nurturing instinct of women.

I think that back in 1914 when Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May should honor mothers, he had a noble goal in his heart. But honoring Mothers is only half of the equation. Mothers love Mother's Day not for the recognition, but for their children. Mothers with infants and small - Read More »

TWEENS Don't Need Make Up

Tween Girls Need Healthy Skin Habits

Tweens and make up are a popular conversation in the media. Ever since Walmart and Hello Kitty introduced their new tween cosmetics, even Jay Leno is participating in the dialogue. But the conversation is veering far from where it needs to be. It should not be about make up, and it should certainly not be about anti-aging. The conversation should be about healthy skin.

In the past two weeks I have spoken about tween skin with a number of mothers, a dermatologist, and a pediatrician. The overall consensus from all three groups is that tween girls ARE beautiful: just look at our girls' faces. The challenge is to focus this conversation on healthy skin and how to help tweens keep it.

Keeping skin healthy is simple: daily cleansing, moisturizing and protecting--ideally with products formulated for young girls' skin. No , no - Read More »

Tween Hair:Long and Curly or Short and Straight

Now that the summer sun has started to fade, it's a good time to take a good look at your hair. Has the summer dried it out or made it more oily than ususal? Get rid of those chlorine or salt water split ends. Make an appointment for your fall trim or try a new hair cut.

While girls always love long hair, actress Carey Mulligan's new short hair is the fashion look of the season. Long or short, curly or straight be sure your hair looks healthy and vibrant. Bring your hair back into balance with Ottilie & Lulu Feel Good Shampoo & Body Wash and Shiny Silky Detangler & Conditioner. You will love the way these products make your hair look and feel--and the delicious scent of wild mint makes you feel refreshed. Long or short, curly or stright--bring out your inner Rapunzel.

How Much Sunscreen is Enough?

How much sunscreen should you apply? What amount is too little, or too much? Studies show that most people apply only 20 to 50 percent of the recommended amount of sunscreen.

At Ottilie & Lulu we want to make sure tween girls know all they can about sunscreen--how important is is to apply sunscreen daily, how frequently to apply it--and how much to apply. Let's talk about the amount of sunscreen you should be applying. And let's start with your nose. Do you use just a dot? Well, you should be using a heaping teaspoon of sunscreen--just on your nose! For the delicate skin on your face and neck, you should be applying a heaping tablespoon of sunscreen. And for your body measure out the amount you can squeeze into a shot glass. This might sound like a lot of sunscreen, but it isn't. In fact, these measurements are the minimum you should use to maximize protection from the sun.

Having a sunscreen that - Read More »

Ottilie and Lulu Celebrates its First Anniversary of Tween Beauty

As I sit here thinking about our first year, I smile when I think about about all of the great emails I have received from tweens and their moms. Whether it's the "life-changing" Shiny Silky Detangler & Conditioner, the "fantastically smooth" Everyday Moisturizer & Sunscreen SPF 20, the "best-ever" Face Wipes, the "I love shampooing in the shower" Feel Good Shampoo & Body Wash, or the "relaxing" Body Glow, the feedback from everyone has been terrific. So, a big "Thank You" to all our Ottilie & Lulu fans. And to show our appreciation, we are offering our 1st Anniversary Special. The product that every tween girl should keep in every bag she carries: our Everyday Moisturizer & Sunscreen SPF 20. When you buy 1--you get 1 Free! That's an $18.00 Savings on the best thing you can do for your face everyday--moisturize and apply sunscreen. We have a lot of other great surprises coming this April. Pretty soon - Read More »

Tweens: It's All About Her Hair

Have you noticed lately that when your tween looks in the mirror (any mirror!), she is usually checking out her hair? She is also probably starting to comment on your hair and talks about the way her friends are wearing their hair.

Hair specialists say that at this age, our children have the highest number of hair follicles producing hair. This is also when their pigment-producing cells have started working although are not fully mature, so their hair color will likely get darker as they become teenagers.

I share this because I am looking for a reason that it is suddenly all about tween hair care.  This is not bad news, in fact it’s that independence we all keep fostering and, well, part of growing up.

Have you noticed the satisfaction your tween daughter has when she creates her own hair style? After years of you doing her hair, she now has the confidence and the to - Read More »

TADA! Youth Theater

Have you taken your daughter to the theater lately? Yes, there are some fabulous Broadway shows if you have the budget. But there are also some really great alternatives that provide fun entertainment at a fraction of the price.

One of my favorites is TADA! Youth Theater.  From now through February 15, TADA! is performing B.O.T.C.H., a most enjoyable musical where you and your daughter meet artistic rats, dancing mummies, and the kids of B.O.T.C.H. who lurk under the New York City subway system.  Last weekend my tween daughter and I joined 2 of her friends with their mothers to see this show.

The performers range from ages 8 to 17 and come from all 5 boroughs, plus, New Jersey.  The play is from the book and lyrics of Jon Agee, a popular playwright and lyricist.  The smokey, jazz music is by Daniel Feigelson, and choreography by Joanna Greer.  , - Read More »

Lots of Tween Birthdays: So Little Time

It seems the birthday party season has arrived with a vengeance.  And while birthday celebrations come throughout the year, planning for a birthday party and shopping for a tween gift seems just a bit more stressful in the pre-holiday season.  Finding a free Saturday or Sunday on which to host a party between now and the holiday break is next to impossible.  If your community is similar to mine, we have found shared birthday celebrations to be a great answer.  Shared birthdays are great time savers and provide learning opportunities about giving and tween gifts.  Of course being able to share birthday celebration costs is also a bonus!

We’ve found the ideal number for sharing tween birthday celebrations to be bewteen 2 and 4 birthday girls.  If each of the birthday girls invites 5 to 7 friends, you have a nice crowd for the birthday celebration.  Since the common - Read More »

Help Her Tween Skin Stay Soft This Winter

Ah, fall is here.  Everywhere tween girls are reaching for their new sweaters and boots.  If your daughters are anything like mine, nothing from last year fits.  So a new jewel-colored beret, bright-colored gloves without fingertips, and Uggs have replaced faded bathing suits, flip flops and t-shirts.

At Ottilie & Lulu, we think tween girls should also be reaching for a great all-over body lotion, too.  Trading hot, humid days for dry, cold air and lots of time spent in heated rooms will affect a girl's skin.  You may not think tween girls need to worry about dry skin at this age, but environmental stress affects all of us, and tween girls face their own unique skin challenges.  While we Moms are trying to replenish lost moisture for our older skin, our daughters need to start good Read More »

Children's Health Month

February is a great time to check up on your tween's dental health. Girls with healthy teeth chew food easily, speak clearly, and smile with confidence. Brushing twice daily and flossing before bed are the early grooming habits that become a critical part of our daughters' life-long beauty habits.  If your dentist is like ours, she will ask your daughter a lot of questions about her eating habits, the beverages she drinks, the snacks she enjoys, what, if anything she drinks before bed, and the vitamins she takes.  I do love our dentist because she reinforces the consumption habits we endorse.  Protein and vegetables are great.  Water, great.  Avoid soda and limit or water-down juices.  Energy bars and candy are not good snacks.  Fruits are better.  With Valentines' Day approaching, dark chocolate is much better than milk chocolate.  Gummie vitamins have a lot of sugar; chewables are .& - Read More »

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Okay, winter has hit with a vengeance. Having just returned from sunny, warm, California, I can see why Californians have sympathy for us, but don't want to be us ( New Yorkers).

While we were there, my family spent a relaxing morning at the La Quinta Resort and Spa. It's quite lovely there, and they offer  select spa treatments for young girls.  Since this was the holidays, my daughter got a short treatment as a special treat. But no matter the location, we all have our rituals for fighting winter blues–and winter skin.   For ourselves, we apply lots of moisturizers to our faces and bodies; we try to use oil-based shower gels; and when possible, we soak in baths to replenish moisture loss from cold, heat, and/or dryness.  Anything so we do not have to look at those fish scales on our arms and legs!

Our tween girls suffer from the - Read More »

Tween Wishes for the Holidays

I have been doing a few in-store events this past week. Ottilie & Lulu has been performing in-store facials by appointment at select stores around the Tri-State area (NY-NJ-CT).  I love being in-store because I get to talk to girls and their moms.  And during my one-on-one time with tween girls, they tell me their top gift picks for this holiday season.

But before I share the girls’ wish list, I have to tell you about one of the best stores I have had the opportunity to be in. For those in the Tri-State area, this will not be a surprise:  Marcia’s Attic for Kids in Englewood, New Jersey.  They carry classic and trendy styles  up to age 14.  Their personal service is absolutely amazing.  I will share more about them in another blog, but let’s go back to top Tweens’ Top Holiday Picks.

Top of their wish list?  The Nintendo DSI in - Read More »

To Make Up, or Not to Make Up: That is the Question

Your tween probably has a lot of holiday parties and celebrations coming up over the next several weeks. Inevitably your daughter will ask if she can wear (some type of) make up.  What will you answer?  Well, what and how you answer depends on your tweens’ age and whether or not you are willing to be her make-up artist.

The age range for tweens is anywhere from 7 to 14.  If your tween daughter is on the young side of this age range (7-10), I think it appropriate to suggest a light, natural-shade lip balm or gloss.  Avoid any foundation, blush, eye make-up-especially glitter (does anyone at any age look good in glitter make up?)  Young girls certainly don’t, and it irritates their skin. Use this opportunity to establish your credentials as an authority on beauty and demonstrate your willingness to be helpful in this area.  Before she starts to apply lip gloss, - Read More »

Create Your Year-End Top 10 List

One of the things I enjoy doing between the week of Christmas and New Year’s is reviewing Top 10 Lists.  You know the lists I mean–almost every magazine title has their writers assemble these year-end lists.  Time.com does a good job.

I enjoy these lists because they remind me of some of the highs and lows that have taken place in the past 12 months; sometimes the lists call to my attention some of the things I’ve totally missed this year.  From best movies, best performances, best fiction, best non-fiction, best (and worst) fashion outings, to buzz words, etc. these lists are a flash of the past. 

As parents we have all been inundated with best toys, games, books, and movies lists since the beginning of December.  These lists were  created more for the purpose of guiding holiday , - Read More »

Holiday Cards-Photo or No Photo?

One of the activities I have come to really enjoy during the holiday season is the sending and receiving of holiday cards with photos. But, enjoying this activity is only a recent phenomen for me.  And, yes, it has everything to do with my daughter. 

When I was growing up my parents and their friends wouldn’t think of putting their children’s photos on holiday cards.  It was considered egotistical and gauche.  Perhaps those were the reasons why it took me so long to warm to this activity.  Some families may still consider photo holiday cards inappropriate, but I have become a convert. 

In fact, I have come to really love this part of the holidays.  In our family we celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah, so we send cards with our daughter’s photo on them to all of our friends.  And we look forward to receiving photo cards from we & - Read More »

Thank you!

Lots of Moms have a love/hate relationship with Thanksgiving. We know there is something really wonderful and special in being able to have our family around us. We take pride in preparing a great meal to be shared by those we care about.  We love the warmth the day brings to our hearts.  What don’t we like? The shopping, the hours of chopping, cooking, traveling, and just being so incredibly busy right up to when the dinner is on the table.  And it all goes by so fast! 

Our tweens watch us as we make our preparations, and they even help.  This year my 7-year old decided she wanted to contribute to the family meal with her special dessert-a vanilla pudding pie.  As I watched her stirring the pudding pot, we talked about Thanksgiving and what it means to us.  She gave me her ‘historical’ perspective.  She told me about the Indians and the Pilgrims and what they ate - Read More »

Really Beautiful Dolls

I read there is a new fashion doll being introduced this season and being targeted at the primary school set.  My stomach turned. Yes, I owned the ubiquitious Barbie Dolls (Ken, too) when I was growing up, and I do not get crazy when my tween daughter gets one as a gift.  However, I will admit to placing it under her other dolls hoping she does not find it. Do I really think curvaceous dolls will influence her  standards of beauty?  To some degree, yes.  I think all tween girls aspire to be beautiful just as their dolls are beautiful.  If we are really honest with ourselves, we know our dolls had an impact on our beauty standards.  That’s why it is critical to provide tweens with a context and a healthy plan to coincide with these aspirations. 

Sorry, I need to spend a few more words on what I find most troubling with some of the dolls I - Read More »

Mothers and Tween Girls

Welcome to Ottilie & Lulu, a skin and hair care line specially formulated for tween girls.  Does your daughter know how to wash her face?  Does she wash her face at least twice a day?  Does she know how to apply sun screen?  Have you shared with her that taking care of her skin today will enhance her natural beauty and help her to have better skin when she is your age?  If she is anything like many of the tweens I interviewed before I created Ottilie & Lulu, the answer is probably, “no.”

Girls, ages 7 to 14, face their own unique skin and hair challenges.  Whether or not she has started asking you about your beauty products or your make up, now is the ideal time to introduce an easy, daily hygiene regime.

So how do mothers introduce good skin and hair care to their tween daughters?  We demonstrate our own daily hygiene regime, - Read More »

What Parents Should Know About Tween Skin

A "tween" is a child who is beyond adolescence, but not yet a teenager. She is in-between, a pre-teen or what most people now classify as a tween. As a child, parents perform the daily rituals associated with good hygiene. However, as children become tweens, they need to learn and start to perform these hygiene rituals for themselves to carry throughout life. Importantly, because tween skin is different from adult skin, tweens need to get into the habit of daily skin care.

A tween should be encouraged to clean her face at least two times a day: morning and night. Ideally, a third time-right after school or sports activities is another opportunity to remove dirt and oil from tween skin. A light moisturizer and sunscreen applied in the morning after cleaning the face is a great way to keep skin healthy and in balance. Most tweens do not embrace wearing a sunscreen every day, but that is because they have not found a - Read More »