Google play store is the most common and widely used Android app store over the globe but that’s not the only option we’ve. There is a great deal of alternative Android App stores like Appvn that might be less popular but are most useful to deliver the outstanding app experience. Android official app store is the safest and best option yet it’s unable to satisfy all the users need and that’s the reason that most of the Android users are switching over to alternate app stores. Unlike the Google play store, these alternatives offer mods for many apps and games along with giving you the chance to install paid apps for free.

There’s no surprise that most of the Android app users prefer to visit Google play store to get their apps installed because it’s a quick and easy way of getting apps installed of course but does it works every time? May or may not be! In the latter case, we’d suggest you switch on alternative app stores. These alternative Android app stores are also beneficial from the developer’s point of view, which generates quick and more revenue than the official one. In our piece today, we’re listing 7 advantages of using alternative Android app store post reading which you won’t regret using any one of them. To know them, continue reading with us.

Advantages of an Alternative Android App Store

We always look for extras as getting extra is always pleasing! and when it comes to apps, who don’t want the best. We all have the default Google play store but many of times it fails to please us with what we need and if that’s the case with you, it’s best to try on alternative Android app stores. Let’s have a look at some of its breathtaking advantages:

  • Don’t Pay for Your Apps!

This’s one of the biggest reason that most of the Android users search for alternative app stores. Google’s store is the collection of both free and paid apps but alternative app stores like Appvn offers only free apps. Moreover, it offers those apps for free which’re paid on Google play store. So, these alternative stores wouldn’t let you pay for your apps.

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  • Niche Apps

Generally, popular app stores like Google Play or the Amazon App store provides apps only from few of the developers or promote their own products. Unlike them, if you opt for alternatives, you may enjoy a wide variety of apps from various developers to choose from. Installing third-party app stores would give you exposure to a vast range of apps.

  • High Downloading Speed

Another major concern of most of the Android app users is the speed of downloading an app. In the era of a 4G network, no one has the patience to wait for hours to get an app installed. Alternative app stores are relief in this way by equipping you with the high speed downloading process.

  • No Geo Restrictions

Apps available on third-party app stores are not geo-restricted or country specific. So, if you’re not able to enjoy your favorite game or any app just because Google play store has restricted it to install at your place, alternative app stores unlock it for you. No matter where you’re; using alternatives of an app store, you may install any app of your choice.

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  • Find Everything You Want.

Alternative app stores offer a curated list of apps in order to find everything a user wants to install. Whether it be paid apps or be its mods, one may won’t have disappointed by alternative app stores as they provide almost all the apps and games that users might like to install.

  • Recommend Apps.

When you search for apps on third-party app stores, it analyzes your preferences and gives you recommendations on the best of the apps available. Say if you love to play fighting games; alternative app stores will show you recommendations for best of the fighting games available on the store. We must say, these third-party stores are quite intelligent to assess what a user needs.

  • Don’t compromise with Security

Security of your device and data stored in it is of utmost importance. Reason being, it renders your device vulnerable, in case your security gets compromised. Therefore, App developers take care of the security of its users to provide the robust alternatives of Google play store. There’re hundreds of alternatives available for app stores and most of them are secure.

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If you’ve fabulous alternative app stores with great advantages as we’ve seen above, relying on the Google Play store isn’t sensible. It’s obvious that Google play store is the ultimate app destination for getting your favorite apps and games, but there’re lot more options available in the Android market, where you can get tweaks, mods and free apps without a second thought.

We’ve listed here a few advantages of using alternative Android app stores to assure you the utility of app stores. We have brought you the best and precise information on the advantages of alternative app stores that will surely help you to make the decision of using them. Yet if you feel like to know anything, we are at your service and will get back to you with relevant information on our blog.