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Ottilie & Lulu Body Glow Lotion

Enjoy that velvet-y feel with the soft, soothing scent of lavender.

Price: $14.00

Size: 8 fl oz/236.5 ml

Moms: Tweens will love their healthy glow with Ottilie & Lulu Body Glow Lotion.  This non-oily formula moisturizes tween skin leaving her skin feeling soft and smooth.  The light, soothing scent of lavender is so relaxing and well, a bit heavenly!  This tween luxury is an essential.

This gentle formula contains anti-oxidants to relieve environmental stress, vitamins to nourish, and botanicals to soothe skin. 

Good Tween Habits: Use everyday on hands, arms, elbows, and feet, too. Apply all over your body's moist skin when you come out of the shower or bath.  You skin will glisten and feel velvety soft.  The calming light lavender scent is great after a hard day.

Ottilie:  "My grandma used to say, 'horses sweat, men perspire, ladies merely glow.' "

Lulu:      (Ignoring Ottilie which she usually does when Ottilie is one of  'those' moods).

But as she touched her skin, she did like the way she felt.  Her skin looked all healthy, sort of.   And soft.  Ottilie might just be onto something after all...